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BONUS: Kim 7

Like many side hustlers, Kim must ditch the fantasy of what she thinks her life or career or [...]


BONUS: Kim 6

We rarely ever see anyone else going through their early, ugly stages of something. That's why this episode is [...]


BONUS: Kim 5

Sometimes your choices – even your choice to build a side hustle – will make other people uncomfortable. And [...]


letter eight

This is letter eight. Thanks for still being with me, by the way. And thanks in advance for sticking through [...]


BONUS: Kim 4

Kim has a habit of setting idealistic goals and then assessing her progress by taking her emotional temperature [...]


BONUS: Kim 3

Like many side hustlers, Kim can tell herself stories that make her feel discouraged about the likely "non-perfect outcome" [...]


BONUS: Kim 2

Kim's initial vision for her side biz (coaching actors who have "just graduated" from high school, under grad, [...]