As caregivers, it can be difficult to accept the fact that the loved one you are caring for is in such a vulnerable situation and coping with so much change and/or loss and/or abandonment by friends that they might not get enough of what they need – enough stimulation, enough emotional support, enough medical attention.

No group of caregivers (and certainly not any one caregiver) can ever do enough to completely “make up for” or “balance out” the upheaval of another person’s entire life brought on by crisis or illness or dying.

It is so compassionate that you have chosen to say to someone “I am putting you first for a while” – that is a remarkable gift you are giving.

You are offering part of your life to them so that they do not have to navigate their journey alone. It’s a profound offering and one that takes a lot out of you…

…but if you let it take all of you out of you, you fall into the Black Hole of Caregiving and burnout.

Learning to manage your mind and process your feelings and refill your energy tanks is what will enable you to have the extra bandwidth to accept harsh realities, and face your own fears, and make peace with the places where you cannot “be enough” or “provide enough” for the one that you love.

Thank you for spending this time with me – and thank you for being one of the ones who care.

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