letter thirteen

This is letter thirteen. It's a postcard, really, conveying the spirit that I hope we can each embody whenever we [...]


letter twelve

This is letter twelve. I've fully half-written this letter to you three times. The first time it started with: This [...]


letter eleven

This is letter eleven. It is brought to you by the colors green and black and white. And the letter [...]


letter ten

This is letter ten. This letter is about beginnings, blankets, and my cat Tinkerbell. We own a very comfy but [...]


letter nine

This is letter nine. It's about trying. And about meaning. Oh, and it's about $1,736.50. For a self-employed person who [...]


letter eight

This is letter eight. This letter is about anger and rage and illusions and war. I'll let you draw your [...]


letter seven

This is letter seven. It's about a little secret I learned during my years as a professional organizer. And, more [...]


letter six

This is letter six. This letter is about the moment I became a professional actress. Allow me to set the [...]


letter five

This is letter five. This letter is about shoelaces and grand ambitions. If you need to know what color you [...]


letter four

This is letter four. This letter is about my favorite line from the musical Hamilton. And about expansion. And contraction. [...]

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