Why are you giving care?

Transcript: Caregiving is likely one of the most emotionally complex situations you will ever find yourself in, especially if you are providing care for a member of your family. Family history, family culture, family size, family dynamics, family resources all play into the emotional and psychological experience you are having as a caregiver. The person being cared for has emotional wants, needs, and expectations which may or may not be able to be [...]

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Avoiding Robot Caregiver Mode

Transcript: As caregivers, our days and weeks can feel like a Groundhog Day – repetitive routines that can feel like maddening, challenging, sad drudgery. It’s easy (and understandable) to want to disconnect from your heart, slip into Robot Caregiver Mode, and distract yourself by focusing on a running mental list of “things I will definitely not miss when this chapter is over.” But keeping yourself connected to your heart – and to your [...]

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Their Present vs. Your Future

Transcript: You already know that nothing about caregiving is tidy. And there is usually a range of motivations behind the choices we make and sometimes our fears and yearnings and logic can get all tangled up inside our hearts and minds. I see this with my clients who are struggling to accept that how they will be cared for in their life is NOT something they can karmically control by being extra-good to [...]

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When caregiving disrupts family traditions…

Transcript: As a caregiver, holidays and special occasions – especially in larger families – can be tricky in so many ways. Not everyone in the family is likely processing the decline of their loved one in the same way or at the same speed. Not everyone is ready or willing to experience the grief of saying goodbye to beloved rituals and special ways the family celebrated things together. So there might be some [...]

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Becoming the head cheerleader of Team You!

Transcript: As a caregiver, you might not be receiving positive feedback from your family or your community for the amount of work you are doing and sacrifices you are making. And that is so hard to bear and feels so awful. So what do you do? You compensate for the lack of nurturing you are getting from others by talking to yourself in a more nurturing way on a regular basis. Every day. [...]

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