BONUS: A Thanksgiving Tip

On this day before Thanksgiving, there are 3 things I'd like you to know... listen To download the audio, click the little icon of the arrow in the square that's right above. subscribe iTunes Google Play Stitcher Castbox featured Kristine's free online workshop: Creating Cash [...]

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15: From Idea to Product

Today we're catching up with Dennis Hensley and the hilarious card game that he co-created called You Don't Know My Life. If you've been listening to the bonus episodes of this podcast, you've been hearing a series of coaching sessions between Dennis and me where we've talked about his creation of the game and the tweaks and iterations that he and his partner, Jeb Havens, were making to it. Those coaching sessions ended [...]

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BONUS: Dennis 7

How you talk about what your side hustle has to offer will have a direct effect on your bottom line. Of course, you should never lie, but you can put the most positive spin on the truth as possible. Rather than worry about how potential clients are going to judge him and his product, Kristine shows Dennis how to use language to teach clients how they should be evaluating what he has to [...]

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BONUS: Dennis 6

This episode marks the half-way point of Dennis' work with Kristine. He continues to bet on himself, utilizing both bold moves and important but small baby steps to move his side hustle(s) forward. In this episode, Kristine reminds Dennis – and you – the importance of having contracts and clear agreements in place, especially when doing business with friends. CONTENT NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the 2020 pandemic. [...]

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14: A Roadmap For Tigers

Today I’m taking to all the Cashflow Tigers out there – and I’m offering you a roadmap that lets you clearly see what I think is the shortest and simplest path between you and even more cash. (Cashflow Tigers are folks who are generating consistent monthly income with their biz but are now focused on expanding their marketing and/or add a new offering to their biz.) Tigers often get excited about expanding their [...]

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