Goodness guaranteed: lively humor, abundant Golden Nuggets of guidance, and stellar feedback from your attendees.

While I’ve offered many workshops and talks and participated on panels, what I especially enjoy are opportunities to coach live via Q&A because the spontaneous interaction enables me to tailor my guidance to the participants’ immediate concerns – which, I’ve found, makes for a more effective and compelling experience for everyone involved.

I’d be happy to discuss how I can best serve your audience or to connect you with references who can vouch for my caliber.

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What am I like in front of an audience? These two videos (cued-up to begin right at my section of each event) will give you a sense of my vibe in two very different scenarios.

These are the organizations that have invited or hired me to deliver lectures, workshops, webinars, teleseminars, interactive coaching, private group facilitation, and/or serve as a panelist.

* = multiple engagements

Abundance Bound *
The Actor’s Fund *
The Actors’ Network *
A.R.T. / Harvard *
Before and After’noon Movies (USA Network)
Beverly Hills Playhouse
Caltech *
City of Burbank
City of Glendale *
Columbia College Chicago *
Connect Studios LA *
Creative Entertainment Management
Cricket Feet Showcase alumni
Dallas Travers’ Thriving Artist Circle *
DIY Crafts (Scripps’ Do-It-Yourself Network)
The Hair and Makeup Artist’s Network *
iActing Studios *

Int’l Radio Creative and Production Summit
Julie Williams’ VoiceOver Insider *
Linfield College *
Moms of Multiples – Pasadena Chapter
Mount St. Mary’s College
NAPO – Los Angeles Chapter MET program
New York Film Academy *
Organizers of Upland Group
Pat Fraley’s Women In Animation Event *
Porter Kelly’s Actors Mastermind
Radiant Life Salon
R+F Los Angeles
SAG Conservatory *
The Voice Actor’s Business Group *
UC Irvine
VOICE 2012 national conference
Warner Loughlin Studios
What’s In Your Hand on WHCR 90.3FM New York *
Women in Film
Women in Theatre

You received rave reviews from the participants of your amazing interactive presentation on “Your Artist Identity.” Your passion for the work along with your ability to meet the clients where they are was so helpful in getting certain points across throughout the morning. Thank you so much for the extraordinary work you do to keep the artist honest and focused in a way that can open up a more sustainable life.


JOANNE WEBB • Director of The Career Center

Kristine – you were a bona fide hit! You got great reviews from the attendees at your presentation. Everyone got something out of it and the evaluations were glowing. Employees Health Services is grateful and appreciative of your time and effort. Thanks again for your participation!


DONNA WORKMAN MALCOLM • City of Glendale Employee Health Services

On behalf of the entire organization we extend our utmost gratitude to you. It is a rarity in our current Hollywood to have an opportunity to enjoy the presence of such a giving individual. Your time spent with the members of The Actors’ Network was highly effective, well received, extremely helpful, and deeply appreciated.


KEVIN E. WEST • Founder of The Actors Network

Great seminar Thursday – thank you so much for doing that for our talent!


STACEY STAHL • Owner of Creative Entertainment Management

“It was really heartwarming because I sometimes feel like I’m alone when I have issues and I didn’t feel like that at all in the group.”

“The way Kristine teaches and the way she goes about what she does clarified everything for me. I can’t put a price on it.”

“Kristine continually shows me how to engage with the machine that is Hollywood and engage with my dreams in an empowered way.”

“I took something away from absolutely every session.”

“Kristine is an amazing facilitator and knows how to keep everybody focused.”

“Kristine mentioned a lot of things to me that I wouldn’t have thought of – that’s the value of coaching.”

“The workshop went above and beyond… there were a lot of nice life lessons or different ways of looking at things that you just don’t talk about in regular life.”

“I always felt it was very safe and there were no judgements of any sort.”

“This is a process that allows me to live my best life.”

“I’m really excited to have learned there’s actually concrete and simple tools to use to identify your energy leaks, to break them down, and to switch them around.”

“It was surprisingly easy to take what Kristine said to other people in the group and apply it to my own situations.”

“It was so nice to see people of all different ages and circumstances share a common theme with the struggle to change things and create a new path.”

“It felt like there was a lot of trust between Kristine and the members in the group. I was shocked at how fast I absorbed a lot of the information and how quickly it worked.”

Workshop For Caregivers

In the FREE Because You Care workshop I will coach you through how to plug 4 major mental energy leaks that are likely draining your mojo day after day.

You can watch the workshop on video or read the transcript or listen to the audio.

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Golden Nugget Gift Bag

“Are we a good match?”
Excellent question!

To help you answer it, I put together the FREE Golden Nugget Gift Bag for you with 3 useful items that will give you a feel for my style and approach as a coach.

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