Goodness guaranteed: lively humor, abundant Golden Nuggets of guidance, and stellar feedback from your attendees.

While I’ve offered many workshops and talks and participated on panels, what I especially enjoy are opportunities to coach live via Q&A because the spontaneous interaction enables me to tailor my guidance to the participants’ immediate concerns – which, I’ve found, makes for a more effective and compelling experience for everyone involved.

I’d be happy to discuss how I can best serve your audience or to connect you with references who can vouch for my caliber.

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past engagements include:
past engagements include:
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The Most Damaging Caregiving Myth: “All You Need is Love”

Neither love, altruism, nor even a sense of obligation is enough for most humans to sustain themselves mentally and emotionally though an intense or long-term caregiving situation. After only two years of caregiving, the huge mound of love I had for my sister was proving inadequate at keeping burnout and freak out at bay. Then I had a perspective shift that saved me – and enabled me to keep stumbling through the caregiving tunnel for twelve more years.

Why Self-Care Doesn’t Cut It

The majority of the guidance offered to caregivers is focused on how we can better help the person we are caring for – how to keep their medical, financial, and legal plates spinning. Caregivers are urged to “make time for yourself” but walks and baths and meditation very often feel like just more tasks hanging on to the bottom of your todo list. This valuable discussion shifts the focus from self-care to how to handle the tough decisions, difficult conversations, and important recalibrations that are required to preserve your bandwidth and your spirit during an intense crisis or throughout a long-haul.

When Life Crashes Into Your Plans

How can you recalibrate when major, unexpected events turn your carefully laid plans upside down and inside out? My forties were supposed to be My Great Decade wherein all of my lofty career plans were finally going to come to fruition. Instead, it turned out to be a decade of caring for my only sibling (my younger sister) who had a debilitating chronic illness. I’ll walk you through 5 of the most important – and surprising – things that enabled me to sustain my self, my marriage, and my business as we traveled down this very rocky road.

Because You Care: How to Plug 3 of the Most Common Caregiver Energy Leaks

We caregivers often get mentally exhausted before they get physically exhausted because, in our minds, the caregiving never stops – even if you live miles away from the person you are caring for. Not only is your “caregiver antennae” on active alert for a sign or a sound that you are needed but you are also managing details, logistics, and family dynamics while keeping your thoughts and feelings in check during times when they can’t be expressed. I’ll guide you, step-by-step, through how to plug three of the most common caregiver mental energy leaks so that you’ll have more energy to put towards staying connected to your own life and goals and dreams while you give care.

The Four Horsemen of the Caregiving Apocalypse: Anger, Sadness, Rage, and Grief

Practical guidance and tools to help caregivers reduce inner tension – how to process heavy emotions, deactivate grievance bombs, identify anticipatory grief, wrestle with regrets, and find compassion for yourself (and for those who are not cooperating like they should).

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You received rave reviews from the participants of your amazing interactive presentation on “Your Artist Identity.” Your passion for the work along with your ability to meet the clients where they are was so helpful in getting certain points across throughout the morning. Thank you so much for the extraordinary work you do to keep the artist honest and focused in a way that can open up a more sustainable life.


JOANNE WEBB • Director of The Career Center

Kristine – you were a bona fide hit! You got great reviews from the attendees at your presentation. Everyone got something out of it and the evaluations were glowing. Employees Health Services is grateful and appreciative of your time and effort. Thanks again for your participation!


DONNA WORKMAN MALCOLM • City of Glendale Employee Health Services

On behalf of the entire organization we extend our utmost gratitude to you. It is a rarity in our current Hollywood to have an opportunity to enjoy the presence of such a giving individual. Your time spent with the members of The Actors’ Network was highly effective, well received, extremely helpful, and deeply appreciated.


KEVIN E. WEST • Founder of The Actors Network

Great seminar Thursday – thank you so much for doing that for our talent!


STACEY STAHL • Owner of Creative Entertainment Management

“The way Kristine teaches and the way she goes about what she does clarified everything for me. I can’t put a price on it.”

“It was really heartwarming because I sometimes feel like I’m alone when I have issues and I didn’t feel like that at all in the group.”

“Kristine continually shows me how to engage with the machine that is Hollywood and engage with my dreams in an empowered way.”

“I took something away from absolutely every session.”