Being invited to contribute to someone’s personal development and career success is always a privilege. Being a member of team Stephanie Jackson for these last two-and-a-half years has also been a ton of fun.

Cuz she’s funny. And smart and cool and oh-so-talented. She’s also very generous. And she has great hair.

At our first meeting, she came to the table with four big, burning desires: to launch a scripted YouTube series, to buy a house, to have a baby, and to finish her screenplay.

That was our p.o.v. from down-in-the details. Fine goals, all.

Yet, when we telescoped up and out of those details – when we looked at these goals from a big-picture perspective – the ultimate big-picture goal became: to transform into a content-creator who has the inner “muscle strength” necessary to be able to:

• claim full ownership of her superpowers
• gather and manage a team of supporters and collaborators
• put her agenda first
• take time and make space for each of her starring roles: mother, wife, and artist.

As we worked together, everything that happened down-in-the-details was examined for how it contributed to or detracted from the big-picture goal.

Is it fantastic that Stephanie moved into her first home, got pregnant with her first child, saw her YouTube subscribers go from 400+ to 10,000+, and started collaborating with a big-deal company she had a serious business crush on for a long time – all within the last 8 months?


You wanna know what’s more fantastic though?

The fact that, in the previous 22 months, she had developed the “muscles” to handle all of those things happening in such a compressed time frame without compromising her health, marriage, well-being, waistline, episode quality, or credit rating.



Play the video below to watch an interview with Stephine about why she decided to do a second, consecutive year with me (and she’s now on her third):



Stephanie Jackson

Full disclaimer: I’d be an ardent fan of Stephanie’s award-winning show even if I didn’t know her. Personally, she hits my funny bone. But that is beside the point.

The point I want to point out is that, from episode one, Stephanie put forth her highest caliber work – and that level of excellence never noticeably flagged throughout the (currently) 29 episodes and 15 ancillary videos that she has written, directed, produced, and starred in during the past 30 months.

Even though, for the first two seasons of her show, only a handful (and, later, a few hundred) people were watching, she stayed focused on creating work that would shine with consistent quality when, eventually, thousands of people would be binge-watching multiple seasons at a time (she hoped).

Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening in the last few months.

Building such a strong foundation was not easy. And, while I am proud of her achievements, I am even more proud of her commitment to betting on herself, her willingness to learn how to delegate and ask for help, and her grace under pressure.

She is learning to combine her own efforts with patience and trust in “perfect timing.” Momentum may appear spontaneous and instantaneous, but it is actually generated, over time, using those three things.

As Stephanie proceeds through the next six months, one of her goals is to start leveraging this show to create other opportunities for herself in Hollywood. But first, she’s got a baby boy to deliver.


A big hug of appreciation to Ms. Jackson – not only for putting her trust in me but also for allowing me to share her story with you. Thanks, Stephanie!

(The photo at top is of Ms. Jackson being celebrated in Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight.)


Best always,