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What if you decided to believe that your wants did not require justifications? I'm going to share something with you [...]


Nice vs. Clear

It's a wonderful, wonderful day* when you engage your first "helper person" – whether they are a personal assistant, housekeeper, [...]


Caring vs. Investing

I have a brief story for you*.  One that might help lighten your load in 2018.  Starring a smart, accomplished [...]


Jenny’s Leap Year

When Jenny O'Connor connected with me she already had a well-established, self-generated career as a nationally-touring musician and YouTube personality. [...]


Gene’s Leap Year

Gene Tognacci will always have a special place in my heart because he was my first year-long client. As a [...]


Colin’s Leap Year

I first met freelance writer/marketing consultant Colin Berry right after he and his wife had moved to L.A. from the [...]


Stephanie’s Leap Year

Being invited to contribute to someone's personal development and career success is always a privilege. Being a member of team [...]


Kevin’s Leap Year

True, I'm very fond of my long-distance Leap Year client, Kevin Powe, an Aussie performer/producer. But how could I not [...]

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