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Just deal with it!  (Or not.)

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Wouldn’t life be so much smoother…

…without all these pesky feelings?

They drain us​, disturb us, distract us.

(Of course they also enrich and enliven us too.)

But still. Can’t we just stuff ‘em in a drawer and get back to business?

You can. For awhile.

But, like the Terminator, they’ll be back.
And, like the Borg, resistance is futile.
Cuz, like the Force, they will be with you, always.

And that’s all okay.

Whenever you feel that your feelings are actually interfering with your plans and productivity, I recommend that you turn your attention to what you are thinking.

Your thoughts are like the Wizard of Oz… a tiny little dude behind a curtain manufacturing a lot of sturm und drang (translation: “storm and stress”).

Unlike feelings, however, you can capture your thoughts (on paper), drag them out into the light, examine them, and replace them with thoughts that make you feel better.


You have that power. Use it (wisely and often).

Keep in mind that your emotional strength is not measured by how well you can repress your feelings and soldier on…

…it is measured by how willing you are to feel your feelings and deal with your thoughts.
Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you,


Some open heart surgery…

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One of the best business assets to have…
…is an open heart.
Indeed, we each have a heart.
And each heart is able to open.
So the question to ask is: How often do you let yours open up – and for how long?
If you answered “occasionally” and “for milliseconds,” I totally understand.
Closing our heart is a reflex most of us learned at a very early age.
A closed heart often feels absolutely natural, relatively comfortable, and like we are fully protected from the slings and arrows of failure, rejection, criticism, and shaming.
Except that a closed heart is not necessarily a protected heart. Just like an open heart is not necessarily an unprotected heart.
Closing yourself down and protecting yourself are two different things.
This is an important distinction because very often what is holding you back from shifting to a higher level is the fact that your heart spends too much time closed…
…closed to receiving help and to celebrating victories and to making bold moves and to doing things imperfectly.
Those are all things that make us feel vulnerable and thus trigger us to tuck our heart behind closed doors.
But those are also all of the things that are required to make our dreams come true.
This practice – of keeping your heart open* a little longer each time the urge to close hits you – might be exactly what’s needed for you to make your next big leap.
* If you’d like some guidance about HOW to open (and keep open) your heart, these books are a good place to start: Radical Acceptance by Dr. Tara Brach and The Unteathered Soul by Michael Singer.
Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you,



How do you measure up? (Hint: You don’t.)

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It’s truly amazing…
…how powerful a simple shift in perspective can be.
It can make all the difference in the world regarding how you feel about who you are and where you’re at.
That’s why a significant part of the work I do with clients is around shifting (and teaching them how to shift their own) perspectives.
Our feelings are often stoked by the stories we tell ourselves. If your mind is flexible enough to look at your judgment of the “facts” or the “truth” from a different point of view, you can revitalize and reactivate your mojo – and each of us needs MAJOR mojo when we are focused on building something of significance in this world.
Trying to “measure forward” is like poking your mojo with a sharp stick. (Ouch – knock that off!)
Set that stick down – forever.
Instead, use the tool of “measuring backward and planning forward” to give your mojo a little pat on the back every so often. Doing so will keep you calm so you can carry on.
Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you,