Jenny’s Leap Year

When Jenny O'Connor connected with me she already had a well-established, self-generated career as a nationally-touring musician and YouTube personality. (And she was still in her 20's!) She joined my very first Leap Year Group because she wanted to shift gears in a major way. Her list included: • transition from being a touring musician to being an actress • cut down on her touring schedule to eventually transition to living full-time in L.A. • [...]

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Newsletter Highlights: 2015

In case you've juuuuust joined my newsletter list, below are five of the most popular highlights from 2015. Not yet on the list? You can join us right here:   1 One of my favorite how-to resources is CreativeLive. Whenever a new course is broadcast for the first time, you can watch it for free. FREE! Yep. (And you can buy any of their extensive library of courses at very reasonable prices.) If you've been [...]

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  • Gene Tognacci Your Leap Year

Gene’s Leap Year

Gene Tognacci will always have a special place in my heart because he was my first Leap Year client. As a veteran voice over artist (and owner of the company eLearning Voices), Gene was much more comfortable being heard than being seen – so he wanted to do all of his sessions via Skype audio from his home in Texas. No matter how sweetly I cajoled, he would not let me see him on screen... [...]

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  • Your Best is Yet to Come

Your Best Is Yet To Come

Your best is yet to come. How you viscerally respond when you read that statement depends on the stories you've been telling yourself lately. Have you been telling yourself that you're too old?   That your window of opportunity is rapidly closing?  That you've already peaked?  That it's too late?  That the odds are against you?  That you are trapped within your own life?  That you can't learn any new tricks? How you viscerally respond [...]

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  • Colin Berry Your Leap Year

Colin’s Leap Year

I first met freelance writer/marketing consultant Colin Berry in 2009, right after he and his wife had moved to L.A. from the Bay Area. On the advice of a friend, they had both enrolled in my 5-week Networking BootCamp and, because they are a particularly striking couple, they totally caught my eye each week as they sat side-by-side at the back of the room. The end of that BootCamp might have been the end of [...]

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