A few additional thoughts:

Each one of us…

…has a set of incredible superpowers.

But yours may not be what you think they are.

And they may not even feel all that “super.”

(In fact, they probably don’t – to you. After all, when Superman is flying around the world he’s not saying to himself “OH MY– WHAT THE– I’M TOTALLY FLYING RIGHT NOW!” Nah. He’s just like, “Yep, I can fly.”)

Your superpowers are a set of skills and strengths that, while normal-feeling to you, are, when you use them, quite impressive to others.

You can develop more and more superpowers throughout your life, and it’s very important that you understand (and fully own) what they are.


So that you don’t confuse them with your job title.


:: Your superpowers will outlast any job you have.

:: Your superpowers will help you get your next job, and the one after that.

:: Your superpowers are what make you great at whatever job you have.


For example:

Even if you are an amazing nurse, your superpower is not “nursing.”

You are an amazing nurse because you have chosen to apply your superpowers (let’s say they are: discernment, attention to detail, empathy, diligence, wit, etc.) to the job of being a nurse.

Which means your type of “amazing nurse” would be different from my type of “amazing nurse” because you and I have different sets of superpowers that we would be applying to the profession of nursing.

(Or, maybe I wouldn’t be as amazing at being a nurse as you are because my set of superpowers wouldn’t fit the requirements of that job as well as your set of superpowers do…)


:: Your superpowers are not your job title.

:: You still have your superpowers even when you don’t have a job.

:: You do not leave any of your superpowers behind when you change jobs.


So, trust that the force will be with you, always.