• Inside My Mastermind Group

Inside My Mastermind Group

Some of my all-time favorite things are "befores and afters." But I'm also an aficionado of "behind the scenes." In case you share my sensibilities, I thought I'd give you an insider's peek at some of what happened during the first meeting of my Small Biz Mastermind Group* to give you a feel for how quickly being a member of a well-facilitated, supportive group can positively impact your life and career. Three very different SMG [...]

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  • Stephanie Jackson Your Leap Year

Stephanie’s Leap Year

Being invited to contribute to someone's personal development and career success is always a privilege. Being a member of team Stephanie Jackson for these last two-and-a-half years has also been a ton of fun. Cuz she's funny. And smart and cool and oh-so-talented. She's also very generous. And she has great hair. At our first meeting, she came to the table with four big, burning desires: to launch a scripted YouTube series, to buy a [...]

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  • Kevin Powe Your Leap Year

Kevin’s Leap Year

True, I'm very fond of my long-distance Leap Year client, Kevin Powe, an Aussie performer/producer. But how could I not be after working with him during the year that saw the birth of his first child? Of course, that means that, technically, I had nothing to do with his most monumental achievement of those twelve months... ...but I did guide him through some other significant and successful shifts, including the transition to a new (and [...]

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  • My Approach to Creating a Website

My Approach to Creating a Website

Let me start with some full disclosure... ...although I built this entire website (using a theme) and created most of the graphics, I would not call myself a web designer. (Aesthetics, in general, are not my strong suit, so I did solicit the help of my stylistically gifted consigliere during the final phase of this project.) My particular skillset is probably most accurately described as a “web organizer.” I am able to elevate a website [...]

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  • You before and after

You: Before and After

When we think of “before and after transformations,” our minds tend to lean towards the dramatic. But as you become more successful, often the shifts and tweaks that lead to the next level of transformation are more subtle, more internal. Yet still incredibly powerful. You may be doing the same things, yet feel completely different doing them. You may be faced with similar challenges, yet be able to face them with more confidence and a [...]

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