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smart capable professional

You’re a smart, capable person.

And because of that, your time and energy is highly sought after.  Others want your help and expertise so much and so often that keeping your own agenda a priority in your schedule is a challenge.

You are the engine behind your dreams.

But it can be exhausting when every task rests on your shoulders.  The thought that you have (or need) the superhuman strength to manage all of the moving parts all by yourself is a notion that is no longer resonating with you.

You’re multi-talented with multiple irons in the fire.

Yet your gifts and talents can sometimes feel like obligations.  The multitude of ideas, options, and decisions that you face can feel daunting (especially with well-intentioned people constantly offering you their “two cents”).

smart capable professional

You’ve already achieved a certain level of success.

Thus, you are seeking guidance beyond “Life 101.”  Figuring out how to integrate your projects into the complexity of your current life (while still nurturing the relationships you cherish) is a puzzle you’d like to solve.

smart capable professional

You have a vision of your
next Big Shift, but can’t
quite see a path from
here to there.

The vision itself is thrilling, but you are concerned about how to keep yourself on course as you navigate through uncharted territory – especially during those “foggy patches” of uncertainty.

smart capable professional

Things are going fine…
but “fine” is no longer satisfying to you.

The time feels right for making bigger, bolder moves and expanding beyond your current comfort zones – but you’d like to have another set of experienced eyes helping you look before you leap.

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