A few additional thoughts:

It’s soooo tempting to buy…

…when you hear a persuasive sales pitch:

THIS IS THE THING you and your career need now!

And maybe you do.

(And maybe you don’t.)

But I can guarantee that no matter what the “it” is –

a class
a book
an app
a product
a session
a membership
a gadget

– “it” won’t do the trick unless you have the magic formula:

right tool (for the) right job (at the) right time


:: Purchasing a tool and never using it does nothing for you.

:: Purchasing a tool to fix an issue that the tool cannot actually fix does nothing for you.

:: Purchasing a tool in hopes that the act of spending money will boost your level of motivation to apply the tool usually does nothing for you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah – BUT:

Our wish is that the tool will magically do the work for us.

Our fear is that if we don’t get the tool everyone will have access to the magic but us.

Our hope is that the tool will be the magical missing piece of our success puzzle.

(I’ve wrestled with all of the above myself – many times.)

Which is why I offer this reminder:

Using the right tool for the right job at the right time is super-duper-helpful… but the only thing that contains any magic is YOU.