A few additional thoughts:

Have you ever wanted something…

…and then realized you already had it.


You’re on to something there.

So often we humans expend so much of our energy on getting, creating, and generating the things and experiences we want – that we forget to put energy towards noticing and appreciating what we already have.

We’re so preoccupied with the activity of rubbing the sticks together that we forget to notice the teeny little sparks we’ve already produced.

If we do not eventually shift our attention from “rubbing the sticks” to “coaxing the sparks” we will not produce the roaring flames we set out to get.

And guess what?

The “coaxing the sparks” part requires A LOT LESS energy than the “rubbing the sticks” part.

So, the way to generate the fire that you desire with less effort is to focus on noticing, appreciating, and enjoying those sparks once you see ‘em.

And I bet, if you start looking around your life right now, there are sparks all over the place.