A few additional thoughts:

What if I told you…

…that moving forward along your path in life has more to do with how you apply the brakes than when you apply the gas?

Well, if you are on the right path and in alignment and taking strategic action in the direction of your dreams, your life will begin to unfold before you.

Better yet, it will unfold in Perfect Timing – the best things happening at the best possible times.

(Does “best” mean only sunshine and rainbows in your life? Of course not. “Best” sometimes means “opportunities for growth,” a.k.a. having the you-know-what hit the fan. But, you know, hitting it in the best possible way.)


Perfect Timing, by it’s very definition, can’t be rushed.

So the question is always: Do you want what you want NOW! NOW! NOW! on your schedule? Or would you prefer that things happen for you at the VERY BEST POSSIBLE times so that your efforts, experiences, and results are maximized?

Those are two very different choices.

If you choose the latter, then there’s no reason for you to be leaning so hard on the gas pedal, right?

You can’t rush something that can’t be rushed.

But you can slow it down.

You can employ little (and big) acts of self-sabotage to interfere with Perfect Timing.

Resistance, poor coping mechanisms, lack of trust, perfectionism, blocking yourself from receiving, breaking promises to yourself and others, etc., are all ways you keep your foot on the brakes and sloooooooooow your progress.

When our progress is too slow for our liking, our usual solution is “more gas!” But then we end up stalled and perplexed, with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes.

Focus on learning how to keep your foot off of the brakes.

Do that, and the ride will be much faster and way more fun.