A few additional thoughts:

Even the most clearly communicated messages…

…sometimes fall on (seemingly) deaf ears.

Or ears that hear you – but completely misunderstand your intent.

Why is that?

Well, because, as the speaker (or writer or singer, etc.), you only control your half of the communication experience.

And even if your half is delivered with excellence, clarity, and/or passion, each listener has to be emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually ready to receive both the intent and information that you are delivering to them.

They may say they are ready.
They may think they are ready.
They may act like they are ready.

But sometimes they aren’t.

(But someday they may be.)

So, rather then expending your energy being baffled and frustrated and preoccupied by those who aren’t yet open to absorbing whatever you are sharing with them…

…focus on strengthening your communication skills and strengthening your trust that whomever is open to hearing you, will.