A few additional thoughts:

The good news is…

…your comfort zone has an elastic waistband – it can stretch and get bigger!

(But only if you are willing to do whatever is required to fully e-x-p-a-n-d.)

Expanding has two parts:


Part 1: 

You need to extend yourself in a bigger, bolder way than you have ever done before. Ask yourself: What feels challenging, exciting, risky, or scary? Do that. Go there.

(And by “bigger and bolder,” I mean bigger and bolder for you. Keep in mind that one person’s bold move can look like another person’s daily routine.)


Part 2:

Once you extend yourself, do whatever you need to do to stay in that place until the fearful and nervous feelings drain away. Staying there is what stretches your comfort zone and turns that bold move into your new “normal.”

One way to prevent yourself from retreating back into your old comfort zone is to change the stories you are telling yourself – stories that are limiting you by making you feel and act smaller and less powerful than you actually are.