A few additional thoughts:

Wouldn’t life be so much smoother…

…without all these pesky feelings?

They drain us​, disturb us, distract us.

(Of course they enrich and enliven us too.)

But still. Can’t we just stuff ‘em in a drawer and get back to business?

You can. For awhile.

But, like the Terminator, they’ll be back.
And, like the Borg, resistance is futile.
Cuz, like the Force, they will be with you, always.

And that’s all okay.

Whenever you feel that your feelings are actually interfering with your plans and productivity, I recommend that you turn your attention to what you are thinking.

Your thoughts are like the Wizard of Oz… a tiny little dude behind a curtain manufacturing a lot of sturm und drang (translation: “storm and stress”).

Unlike feelings, however, you can capture your thoughts (on paper), drag them out into the light, examine them, and replace them with thoughts that make you feel better.


You have that power. Use it (wisely and often).

Keep in mind that your emotional strength is not measured by how well you can repress your feelings and soldier on…

…it is measured by how willing you are to feel your feelings and deal with your thoughts.