As caregivers, a common mental energy leak that drains us is when we don’t accept the fact that the adults involved in your caregiving situation – your parents, siblings, partners – are adults who are living out their own narratives and making their own choices… over which you may have little to no influence.

And I know, it can be so painful to watch them make what you perceive as mistakes and so frustrating when their choices affect you as well.

But trying to get them to do what’s best or what’s right, or what makes sense when they are not open to your input eats up your energy.

Plugging this mental energy leak means reminding yourself that it is not your job to protect other adults from the consequences of their choices or to pick up the pieces when they let something fall apart.

You may choose to do that – but part of your self-care is acknowledging that picking up the pieces is a choice you get to make rather than a job you have to do.

If this resonates with you, let me know.

The more mental energy you are able to conserve, the more you have available to use to stay connected to yourself and your goals while you give care.

Thank you for being one of the ones who care.

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