A few additional thoughts:

Try as we might…

…it’s almost impossible to avoid having moments of existential misery.

(They come with being human. Like blisters. And paper cuts.)

But there are ways to make your mini-meltdowns more mature.

Most importantly, stop resisting them.

You’re unhappy.

Why add to that by being unhappy about being unhappy?

It’s your resistance to what you are feeling and experiencing that lengthens and strengthens the turmoil of the miserable moment.

Allow yourself to accept that you are unhappy.

Maybe you’re sad or angry or frustrated. Maybe even for a reason that part of you understands is “stupid” and “inconsequential.”

Even so, find a place where you can:

:: Feel your feelings (yes, this might be uncomfortable).

:: Let those feelings run through you (yes, this might be messy).

:: Resist the urge to “beat yourself up” (yes, this might be difficult).

But that is what being kind to yourself looks like. That is what being gentle with yourself looks like.

And you need kindness and gentleness right now.


Because the core reason you are having this mini-existential-meltdown is probably because you care.

You care deeply about something and it’s not unfolding the way you want it to.*

(Why would you beat yourself up because you care? I don’t know. But we do, don’t we?)

Trust me though: it’s kindness and gentleness and non-resistance to these moments that will enable you to move through them more quickly than you have in the past.


* But remember, just because it’s not currently unfolding exactly the way you want it to, that doesn’t mean that it won’t all come together, eventually, in it’s own perfect timing.