A few additional thoughts:

So many shiny things…

…so little time!

“Why, oh why, is the mean Change Strategist forcing me to pick just one to focus on?”

Well, actually, I’m not. (At least, not all the time.)

Here’s what I mean:

I stand by the fact that building something of significance requires you to focus a significant amount of your attention and resources on that project in order to get it accomplished.

Usually, the more attention and resources (time, energy, and money) you strategically devote to it, the faster progress you will make.

And even if you are chipping away at a project, bit-by-bit, over a long period of time, you will still have to keep that project in your consciousness – and doing that requires energy and focus.

Creating requires focus.


But you are not in creation-mode all of the time.

Sometimes you are in exploration-mode.

When you are exploring your attention is naturally (and happily) pulled in multiple directions.

You are experimenting, attempting, dabbling, trying, testing, enjoying, playing, brainstorming, and letting your passion, instinct, impulses, and interest lead you.

This is where you stay until you get the next urge to build something of significance (or decide you are ready to make a significant shift).

Then it’s time to create.

Which means it’s time to choose and feed a focus.