A few additional thoughts:

I’m curious…

…which one are you?

(And why?)

Most of us are

:: raised to be –
:: admired for being –
:: afraid to NOT be –

– the “six-things-with-stress” types.

At least I know I was.

And I got a LOT done.

Am I glad I got all of those things done in my 30s?

You bet.

Could I have gotten all of those things done without sacrificing so much of my health, well-being, peace of mind, relationships, fun, and joy?

I’m beginning to think so.

Am I willing to continue sacrificing my health, well-being, peace of mind, relationships, fun, and joy for my to-do list?


Has the transition from being a “six-with-stress” gal to becoming a “three-with-ease” gal happened quickly and smoothly?

More like: gradually and with some resistance… it’s definitely a practice.

(I’m human after all, and my monkey mind still freaks out now and then about notgettingeverythingdone.)

Is the challenge of taking this leap of faith and shifting gears worth it?

For me, it’s a big YES.

But it’s one of those changes where you can’t fully feel the rewards until you allow yourself to go all the way there.

When the time feels right to you, I truly hope you take that trip.

(P.S. Becoming a “three-with-ease” gal happened years after I first hired an assistant. This is a psychological shift. Getting help with your life won’t automatically relieve stress – YOU still have to RELEASE the stress.)