A few additional thoughts:

Uh oh…

…this is not what I was:

hoping for
counting on
committing to

But, because I’m:


I’m going to:

tough it out
grin and bear it
suffer in silence

(But life’s much too short for that, don’t ya think?)

I think so.

Also, life is fluid.

Meaning: Your circumstances can change at any time.

Meaning: The only thing you can truly guarantee you will do is to leave a person, place, or thing better off for having had you there (for however long you can be there).

Isn’t it interesting that if Steven Spielberg called and wanted you to be in his next movie, you’d likely DROP EVERYTHING and find a way to go?

Even more interesting is that people would let you go!

They’d understand. They’d even help you pack. Because Steven Spielberg requesting your presence is a “socially acceptable reason” for suddenly changing all of your plans.

However, you changing your mind about something is not as socially acceptable (even though it’s just as valid a plan-changing-reason as wanting to be in Steven’s movie).

No one will give you permission to break a promise just because you’ve discovered that the situation has unexpectedly morphed into a huge, joyless, time-consuming energy drain.

That’s why YOU have to be able to (and be willing to) give yourself permission to professionally, tactfully, and firmly extricate yourself from situations that are no longer feeding your focus.

(But only if – only if – you want to retain the mental, physical, and emotional resources you’ll need to make your dreams come true.)