A few additional thoughts:

Just because you’ve got it…

…doesn’t mean you have to give it.

But what’s the harm in passing along a little advice or knowledge?

(Especially when you know it could help that person.)

Well, the help – and the harm – is all in the timing.

I was once a compulsive giver of guidance.

That was not a good thing – neither for me nor for the people I held hostage with my unsolicited monologues of advice!

Fortunately, over the years, I had a few realizations:

:: I realized that, sometimes, my intention was not actually to “help.” Sometimes my intention was to show off my smarts. (Not cool.)

::  I realized that, sometimes, my spontaneous, unsolicited strategy sessions made people feel overwhelmed and/or obligated to take my advice. (Not cool.)

::  I realized that, sometimes, at the end of a long day, I spent the last ounces of my energy giving advice out of habit or reflex rather than because of any urgent need for it. (Not cool.)


Slowly I learned that having an idea or resource or bit of guidance pop into my head was NOT a sign that I had to share it.

Slowly I allowed myself to go “off the clock,” and I began to resist the temptation to contribute to every conversation.

Slowly I accepted that having the right time + the right place + the right person was equally as important as having the right info.