A few additional thoughts:

Are you getting frustrated…

…by how often you get frustrated?

(Frustration is quite the energy gobbler, isn’t it?)

It also happens to be one of the easiest energy leaks to plug – HOORAY!

A feeling of frustration is tied directly to an expectation that you have about the situation:

:: “He should have texted me back by now!”

:: “This line should be moving faster!”

:: “The person interviewing me shouldn’t have been so distracted!”


When you get down to it, expectations are simply stories we tell ourselves.

They are not “The Truth.” They are merely our current perspective.

Shift that perspective and you can dissolve your feelings of frustration.

When frustration is triggered, start spinning a new story – one that makes you feel better

:: “Maybe he had to unexpectedly run an errand and so he’s not texting cuz he’s in the car…”

:: “Maybe I’m held up in this line because being delayed at this point in my day will make me miss being in an accident or something like that later on…”

:: “Maybe the interviewer just heard some bad news about the company which, if I knew it, would make me not even want the job…”


Our lives are made up of tons of little invented stories we tell ourselves.

So why not create stories that will conserve your energy, calm your heart, and restore your blood pressure to normal?

Ones that will bring calm and peace into the moment rather than irritation and anger?

Remember: this is NOT about never feeling frustrated ever again. (You and I will both continue to have frustration flare-ups, for sure.)

This IS about cultivating the ability to quickly re-focus your thoughts and re-direct your energy towards your projects, goals, and dreams.