some Leap Years

“This year is a threshold year – I will never forget this year – because the game has changed as a result of my work with Kristine. I’m in a completely different space of owning what I have to offer… my work with her has helped shift my whole being in terms of feeling at ease with the growth of my work and the time it takes to unfold.”

“I was thinking about my relationship with my wife this morning and I think that’s where I see the biggest impact of my work with Kristine. It’s taken me from an area of fear and frustration with my career that put undue demands on our relationship… to having the confidence to know that it’s just about me and my relationship to myself – which allows [my wife] to show up with more fun, and we’re having a lot more play – and it was worth it just for that.”

“Kristine is really special and unique because she has an amazing combination of experience and creativity and practical ideas – she’s like the combination of a therapist and a business strategist.”

“I feel like there’s so much that we have to do on our own – as writers and performers – and just having that person that you can check in with, that you trust, that gives you such unbelievably good advice and who you can be accountable to… I just accomplished so much the first year that I couldn’t see not doing a second year.”