some Leap Years

“This year is a threshold year – I will never forget this year – because the game has changed as a result of my work with Kristine. I’m in a completely different space of owning what I have to offer… my work with her has helped shift my whole being in terms of feeling at ease with the growth of my work and the time it takes to unfold.”

“I was thinking about my relationship with my wife this morning and I think that’s where I see the biggest impact of my work with Kristine. It’s taken me from an area of fear and frustration with my career that put undue demands on our relationship… to having the confidence to know that it’s just about me and my relationship to myself – which allows [my wife] to show up with more fun, and we’re having a lot more play – and it was worth it just for that.”

“Kristine is really special and unique because she has an amazing combination of experience and creativity and practical ideas – she’s like the combination of a therapist and a business strategist.”

“I feel like there’s so much that we have to do on our own – as writers and performers – and just having that person that you can check in with, that you trust, that gives you such unbelievably good advice and who you can be accountable to… I just accomplished so much the first year that I couldn’t see not doing a second year.”

“Kristine is a master at assessing someone’s life and their patterns and their current situation – and their thinking that’s led them to that situation – and then constructively pinpointing where changes could happen and then helping facilitate those changes.”

“I had spent a lot of time on personal development, but I hadn’t really focused on business in the way that I wanted to, and, for me, this year with Kristine was the best way to marry my professional desires and my personal desires into a focused program.”

“It wasn’t just about having the initial injection of strategy… but having someone, over the course of that year wherein so many of my circumstances were changing, to be able to actually go along that journey with me. The amount of time and insight that Kristine brings to working with people and how willing she is to be available over that year is a tremendous resource.”

“This year is a wake up call and it’s one that I’m really grateful that I did. This is a defining year that does not look like any of my previous years, in a way that is kind of a launch – I really do feel that.”

“There are so many things that I want to do – so many rivers to cross and decisions to make – I can get lost and then I do nothing. So a year-long program just gave me something to hold on to – making an investment in myself for the first time really seriously. I feel like I am a different person than who I was on the first day that I met Kristine. I found me – in a very empowering way.”

“I was in a place where I felt simultaneously really close to the alchemy of the professional life I wanted to be living and also entirely unsure of how to make that life actually work and operate. I sensed that having Kristine partnering with me in that year would exponentially drive that leveling-up, and I was very right.”

“Your partnership was really significant to me because it can be kind of lonely having a solo practice. Having someone wise and intuitive with an organized mind to strategize with made an enormous difference. Working together for a year made sense because I don’t think that anybody can really create traction, momentum, or get a significant project done in a one-off meeting of two hours or four hours – not in a way that’s going to be life-changing.”

“There was an awareness and a muscle built over our year together of noticing when I’m feeling anxiety about ‘this isn’t happening like I wanted it to…’ and becoming less manic. Ease as a mindset – we really got to that. It’s in my body now, rather than just understanding it intellectually. This was an investment well worth the time and money.”

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some Deep Dives

“I’ve always felt that my role as a father was to help my kids become the best people they can be, and Kristine helped me become the best person I can be. I know that [our work together] put me in a place where I am extraordinarily confident about what I want to do, where I want to do it, and how I want to do it.”

“She’s a spectacular listener – I can tell she doesn’t have a [predetermined] response for you before you start speaking. You’re talking and you really feel someone is there absorbing what you are saying… and, because of that, it really allowed me to go deep, it really allowed me to get honest, and it really allowed me to own some of the things that I really could be doing for myself.”

“Kristine is very, very helpful in guiding you through those ‘sweaty palm’ conversations that you don’t want to have with people – because she’s very intuitive in understanding how to communicate effectively so that, if you need to make a certain shifts, you can do so without burning any bridges.”

Pat Fraley: “Over the course of that year [working with Kristine] I tripled my income.”
Ann DeWig: “I’ve never felt this much in control of my life and my career and I’m certain she can do the same for you.”

“I have worked with many coaches over the years – as a business owner, as a mother, as a financial expert – but Kristine has a talent of bringing together, so powerfully and so beautifully, what is most important to me. What she has a way of doing is really asking the questions that create in me a laser focus – and then designing the path.”

“I’m frankly thinking about retirement and what I’m going to do with myself – I have lots of interests, I have too many interests… I laid these options out there and she asked a lot of questions and then proceeded to basically synthesize something I hadn’t even considered – something that I could do anywhere that would always bring some income in and play to my strengths.”

“Having this [new] sense of not being ashamed to ask for what I want, that has changed everything – I went to Kristine for professional reasons but it’s actually changed a lot of things for me in my personal life, too. I have to say, every minute that I’ve spent with her has been worth everything I’ve paid her, and more.”

“For me, Kristine is the person I call once a year and say, ‘Okay, this is where I got to, this is where I want to go to, what’s this year’s plan?’ and she breaks it down… and it’s not overwhelming.”

“I was shy and quirky and didn’t know what I wanted in life… and in the four years [that we’ve worked together] Kristine has guided me to be confident in my abilities, confident in my quirkiness, goal-oriented, and excited – even when I’m struggling or having a bad week.”

“I like that she deals with the whole person. She doesn’t just deal with the nuts and bolts of organizing you in your life and career, she also deals with who you are as a person emotionally, mentally, spiritually – all those sides of your persona and personality are addressed when you work with her.”

“Kristine’s ability to come in and treat each person [on my team] as an individual was essential – it was remarkable, actually. Each person felt heard and valued and cared for… including me.”

Eliana Horeczko

“I feel much better about my move now that I have a clear vision of where I need to go, how I will get there and giving myself enough time to do it.”

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some Mastermind Group members

“The people in the mastermind group are just fabulous, fascinating, creative professionals and Kristine has helped us create an atmosphere that’s really supportive – everyone is rooting for each other.”

“[The group] helps alleviate the isolation that you have – especially in Los Angeles. I’ve never left a meeting without feeling great, uplifted, and feeling like I’m back on track again.”

“Kristine is very encouraging – she also has a critical eye, but she has a compassionate critical eye.”

“Day-to-day in front of our computers and driving around town, we’re alone in this, so that group of other people who care about what happened to you since last month and where you’re going next month is the biggest reason [I’m there].”

“Kristine changed the way I use my vocabulary so that I would own my accomplishments – that helped me a lot.”

“I love to surround myself with positive people who have a like mindset and who really want to succeed.”