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Cashflow for Creatives
How to make some extra money while your career gets off the ground.
audio course: digital download / mp3 audio files + PDF worksheets and resource guide

Mid-way into the decade that I spent as a working actress in Los Angeles, I started a side hustle as a professional organizer. From the moment my little biz began, I earned 3 times more per hour than I had made at any of my other support jobs.

Earning more meant I could work less. Working less allowed me to work more – as an actor. Because with more time to pursue auditions, I was able to get more auditions and thus, more bookings. And more acting jobs meant I earned even MORE income.

More income = more freedom & creativity = more income.

Thatʼs the cycle I have helped many, many creatives generate for themselves. And thatʼs the cycle I want YOU to enjoy as well.

Now, we both know there are pages and piles and gobs of business-building advice out there for the taking. But, in my humble opinion, not much of the general “how-to info” helps CREATIVES build exactly what CREATIVES need: lean, low-overhead, profitable streams of supplemental income to help fund (but not overwhelm) their artistic pursuits.

In your circumstances as a creative, it is almost more valuable for you to know what not to do, what not to spend your resources on and what not to get distracted by. With this audio course, we can huddle up in a virtual blanket fort (with some cookies and a flashlight) and I can map out the simplest, quickest, most affordable, and most strategic ways for you to generate concepts, clients, and cash.  My been-there-tried-that guidance will shorten your learning curve and accelerate your results.

Just like a lunch date with me, this digital product is a thoroughly delightful yet non-refundable experience.

How to Plan a Leap Year
A new approach to creating the texture of the life and career you desire.
ebook: digital download / PDF

Picture this: you and me, sitting across the table from one another, enjoying our salads at a cute little cafe. In between the crunch of croutons, I’m sharing with you my very best guidance and resources about how to strategically plan your year – both your professional and personal goals – so that you generate momentum without choking your flow of creativity or grinding yourself into the ground.

These are the very same concepts and tactics that I utilize with my private clients when designing plans with them.

In order to avoid the whole part where we smile awkwardly at each other with our lips closed cuz we’re concerned we have something green stuck to our teeth, I took a few days and wrote down everything I would have said to you on our epic lunch date.  Everything.  I put it all in a handsome, concise, easy-to-digest (pun very much intended) PDF.  And it’s all yours for less than the cost of actually treating me to a meal (and the dessert we’d split and, of course, thoroughly enjoy).

If you only read what’s on pages 15-16, your whole investment will likely be worth it (those pages detail the third of my three “secret” ingredients that I use whenever the road gets rocky)… however, what’s on pages 20-22 might possibly rock your world. (And then there are the final two pages, which will likely be the weirdest pages you’ll ever find in a document about planning. I’ll let them remain a pleasant surprise).

Just like buying long-stem roses on Valentine’s Day, the purchase of this digital bundle is a grand gesture and non-refundable.

Just like Beyoncé concert tickets and monogrammed towels, the purchase of this digital product is non-refundable. If you’d like to know a bit more about it before diving in, click here.

Feeding Your Focus
How creative people can move forward faster and achieve sustained success.
audio book: digital download / mp3 audio files + PDF of text and resource guide

Please do not spend another drop of your time, energy, or money trying to build your career on shaky ground. It doesnʼt feel good, and, honestly, it doesnʼt work that well (if at all, really).

Building on shaky ground means you are working harder for fewer results (while other folks are whizzing along). Building on shaky ground means you are settling for a two-steps-forward one-step-back experience. Building on shaky ground means you are missing out on fully maximizing the opportunities that come your way.

No. More. Of. That. Unnecessary. Nonsense.

Instead, letʼs put a rock-solid foundation in place that will serve you for many years to come. But how, right? Cuz so many of the time management books, business books, and networking books are not written for us creative types – they don’t apply to a life that usually has a crazy, unpredictable schedule… and abrupt shifts in employment… and wild fluctuations of income.

But I know that life. I’ve lived that life. And I wrote and recorded this audio book to help creative folks reclaim clarity, stability, and peace within that life.

Part 1: Focus and Strategy
How to build momentum and make decisions in your life and career.

Part 2: Home Office Efficiency
How to create a physical environment that supports you rather than drains you.

Part 3: Financial Organization
How to a simple routine in place so you always “know your number.”

Part 4: Networking: How and Why
How to the relationships you want without feeling icky, intrusive, aggressive, or needy.

It became a fight with my experiences to give this audio book a chance – my impulse being to brush it off as just another hymnal of cliched “duh” wisdoms. Sheʼs going to tell me how to be creative AND organized? Can you be both? But this book really does have merit. I found her offering mind-opening realizations about my life that I should have thought of on my own… but didnʼt. She really knows the problems of a disorganized, driven professional. She really knows good networking techniques. Kristine Oller will inspire you to direct your energy towards those things which give life to your future.
Feeding Your Focus is a basic tool for anybody who is self-employed – not even just actors or people who are in the arts, but anybody who is embarking on something where they are on their own. If you could get a degree from a university in “being self-employed,” this would be the core curriculum.  After listening to the book, it became crystal clear what I wanted to do – and I started saying “no” to a lot of things.

These 8 audio hours (plus the full text as a PDF) will deliver practical and powerful guidance that you’ll be able to implement immediately – whether you are taking the first step on your path or you are years into your journey.

Just like a session with an organizing pro, this digital product is a highly transformative yet non-refundable investment.

Feeding Your Focus
Part 2 only: Home Office Efficiency
audio book: digital download/ mp3 audio files + PDF of text and resource guide

Is your home office leaking? How many drips of your time, energy, money, are lost each day to unfinished projects, piles of paper, and misplaced phone numbers?

Good news – fixing those leaks will not take as long or be as difficult as you think it will. And almost immediately, you will start to experience renewed success. Yeah, some successful people are “just lucky.” But most of them are focused, organized, and connected. They understand how to set priorities, they are comfortable parting with things and activities that no longer serve them, and they can find what they need when they need it. After following my step-by-step guidance in this section of the book, you will too.

I don’t want anyone’s office to be the “weak link” in their career chain – including yours! That’s why I’m making this particular section of my audio book available for purchase. You’ll pay a fraction of what spending one hour with any professional organizer would cost and you’ll get me leading you by the hand, step-by-step through the entire process.

Kristine has a straightforward, practical, and, most importantly, ATTAINABLE approach to organization – for my desk, for my home, and for my brain. It’s amazing how once I had applied just a few steps from her book it felt like a weight had lifted. I was making room for even better things! Kristine helped me use what I already had around in much more effective ways. And MY work is now working for me: what used to be labor has definitely turned to love.

We’ll cover:
how to avoid diving into an organizing project without a plan
the very important differences between “neat” and “organized”
how having less actually lets you have more
how to evaluate your space…
…and make it a place that supports (rather than drains) you
your emotional ties to trash (and how to untie those knots)
the three levels of storage and how they will save your sanity
how to create and maintain “office zones”
how to organize your entire home office step-by-detailed-step
and more