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Twice a month for almost two years, I invited my clients to join me for Mindset Monday sessions – group coaching focused specifically on shifting limiting perspectives and plugging mental energy leaks.

Click the button below to download and listen to a sampling of the guidance I gave during our sessions held in June, July, and August of 2020 (shared with permission).

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Okay, Kristine, I think you have been following me around. This was such a great golden nugget for me. Keep them coming. You are wise beyond your years. – Sue

I read this one out loud to my husband and he told me to tell you that he’s your biggest fan! – Rosi

Not sure how you do it, but it was exactly what I needed to hear this week. Powerful, yet again. – Mark

I am running out of space on my monitor for the post-its I write with your words of wisdom! – Nancy

I keep your Golden Nuggets, and this will be another one to use. Thank you for your help! You have thoughtful approach and I appreciate it. – Ginny

Another good one – and very valuable! I’m going to remember this advice. – Dana

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