The decade ahead of you can be one of your very best.

Your Leap Year is designed with your next decade in mind.

It’s a master’s degree in personal autonomy.

It’s a missing link between “earning enough” and “exponential income.”

It’s a map of new territory into which you can expand.

Your next ten years will pass regardless of whether you take this leap with me or not. And, whether you work with me (or with anyone), you will have good days and bad ones, highs and lows, successes and failures – because that is simply life as a human.

But how might the next ten years unfold for you if you started to free yourself from the programming and preoccupations that were established to distract and deter you from singing the songs you were born to sing?

There is bravery in giving this kind of gift to yourself.

If you’ve never invested in yourself at this level before, it might feel a tad scary and you might be tempted to postpone up-leveling yourself juuuust a little longer… stretching yourself thin, using every spare finger and toe to semi-plug your energy leaks for a liiiiittle bit longer…

…but why?

This is a unique opportunity to completely change the soil in which your goals are planted – and doing so will make all the difference in the world… and to the world.

And from that newly enriched soil, you will continue to harvest the personal, professional, emotional, intellectual, and financial fruit of the seeds that we plant for years to come.

Our work together will be about strategically planning your current year so that it generates increased momentum and gives you a new foundation on which to build and leverage your next year (and the next).

Our work together will offer you new approaches to problem solving and decision making – leaving you better equipped to handle whatever life brings.

Our work together will offer you new perspectives on your mindset, energy management, and relationships – leaving you better able to trust that your desires are meant to be.

And precisely because we will have the necessary space in which to introduce and integrate these new approaches and perspectives into your life, there is a greater chance they will last for a lifetime.

Your Leap Year exists because I want to offer you the opportunity to experience what I have been experiencing for the last twelve years.

Twelve years ago, a colleague of mine (a coach in a field with a bit of overlap to mine) suggested that we meet once a month for a few hours to support each other with our business goals.  Sounds like an intelligent thing to do, right?  Certainly couldn’t hurt for me to try.


I had NO IDEA how much these conversations would fundamentally and positively impact both of our lives and careers.  Looking back, neither of us can imagine where we would currently be had we not had these regular meetings due to how much growth and fulfillment they fueled.

There are three specific ingredients that contributed to these coaching conversations being such powerful accelerants – each ingredient is provided to you within Your Leap Year:

1) Access to another pair of wise eyes.
Each month, I was able to take all of the ideas, options, concerns, and questions that were in my mind… dump them out on a table… and have someone (whose experience and expertise I trusted) help me rearrange the pieces until they transformed from a puzzle into a plan. Whether I arrived knowing exactly what I wanted input on or I arrived feeling temporarily adrift, I always left our meetings with clarity, motivation, ideas, and insights that I could not have generated alone. She did that for me; I did that for her – and I’d be happy to do the same for you.

2) Space and time to pause and step back from your life.
Part of the value of coaching is simply in the appointment itself. We, as humans, will stay immersed in the swirl of the details of our daily life unless we create opportunities to lift ourselves up and out of the swirl so that we can catch our breath and look at our life from the Big Picture Perspective. The Big Picture Perspective is the place where we find the spaciousness and calm that we need in order to examine what’s really going on – inside and out – and make course corrections to our plans and shifts to our mindsets. Knowing I had this meeting with my colleague on my calendar kept me connected to my vision throughout the month as I executed my tasks.

3) A commitment to giving yourself this type of space and time on a regular basis.
The consistency of our meetings was key to their impact.  With modern life moving at such a rapid pace, all too often, folks stop for a general “look under the hood” once or twice a year… usually around the new year… maybe on their birthday… perhaps after attending a funeral or having a health scare. Committing to stepping back from your life as a routine, however, increases your regular dose of accountability and support, which in turn increases your likelihood of applying the guidance you are given. (It’s great to get great guidance, but the magic is always, always, always in its application.)

This experience isn’t about you having a “perfect” year. It’s about you taking a leap. Life will continue to happen around you. We want it to, actually, because I can be especially valuable to you when your plans hit the fan.

An important part of our time together will be learning how to recover and recalibrate throughout the ups and downs. Another important part will be learning how to keep your eye on the prize for an extended period of time without burning yourself out.

This experience is about you learning how to better lead YOU.

Throughout your 12-month Leap Year, we will connect for two 90-min. coaching and strategy sessions each month via phone or Zoom. I see clients on Thursdays and Saturdays during the first three weeks for each month. As a Leap Year client, you will also have access to me via email and voice messaging for questions and coaching in-between our scheduled sessions.

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client experiences – Leap Years
How helpful can a few conversations actually be?


Especially if you’re in the spin cycle.

You’re in the spin cycle when you know that you want to (or have to) make some decisions and possibly changes… but, right now, the only thing moving is the relentless swirl of your concerns, fears, and hopes sloshing through your mind.

As you spin – during each day, during each night (during each stop at each traffic light) – my guess is you can feel yourself hemorrhaging energy.

Some feelings you might be feeling: trapped, ground down, adrift, overwhelmed…

…but maybe there’s also some nervous excitement, some pulsing desire, and some impatience about getting this next chapter of your life started already (which you would do if you only had some clarity around the best next steps to take… and a little extra courage to take them.)

This spin cycle has probably prompted you to have some conversations with your smartest, most compassionate friends.


You’ve talked and they’ve listened. You’ve talked and they’ve offered advice. You’ve talked and they’ve thrown you a personal pep rally (or two). Together, you’ve been spinning through your cycle, over and over and over and over.

(But at least you’ve been reaching out which is always a great thing to do when you feel stuck.)

And now, you have found your way here.

And, naturally, you might be wondering: “How is having yet another conversation going to move the needle in any way?”

Well, for one thing, these next conversations will be with me.

I will hear your story and connect your dots in a very different way – also with the intelligence and compassion your friends provide, but adding objectivity, discernment, experience, and a massive toolkit (of helpful tactics, approaches, and strategies).

As a coach, I will help coax out answers that are already inside of you and stretch you beyond your own beliefs.

As a strategist, I will help translate your ideas into actions and shift the thoughts and things that are impeding your progress.

I have developed an exceptional depth and breadth of skills and insights during two decades of listening to, guiding, and supporting hundreds of big-hearted humans through the complex circumstances of their personal and professional lives.

Which means our conversations will be ones that end with you gaining some much-needed clarity – which will feel like sipping a tall, cool glass of relief.

Clarity slows your spin cycle waaaay down.


Because having a clear, effective plan of action exerts a kind of gravitational pull over your thoughts.

Rather than spinning around and colliding with one another, your thoughts will begin to coalesce around your plan. And, as your thoughts are pulled into alignment, you’ll become more inspired to take action and you’ll begin to feel more powerful, purposeful, and peaceful than you have in a good long while.

The torture and tumult of the spin cycle is usually your soul’s way of poking you to say: “Hey, it’s time to get some help with all of this.”

If you’d like some consistent, steady support – personally and/or professionally – you are welcome to commit to a Deep Dive with me. We will spend six hours together – in 60 or 90 minute sessions (or a combo thereof) – within the span of 4 months via phone or Zoom. (You can have your sessions within a few weeks of each other, or spread them throughout the full 4-month container – whatever suits your preference and schedule best.  I see clients on Thursdays and Saturdays during the first three weeks of each month.)

I’m frequently asked if someone can book just one hour or just one session with me. That option is only available to clients that I am currently working with on an on-going basis (in my Creating Cashflow and You First programs) or to former Your Leap Year clients. Why? Well, my specialty is diving deep with you – this is not simply a download from my brain to yours. We need space for us to explore, process, and plan – and to allow what’s been percolating within you bubble to the surface.

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