A few additional thoughts:

Do you only feel worthy…

…if you had to shed some blood, sweat, and/or tears?

…if you had to really WORK to make your performance or creation or “awesome thing” happen?


But isn’t it true that, when you are in the flow and you’ve got your groove on, using your gifts usually doesn’t feel like work at all?

That, very often, creating from your zone of genius can feel almost effortless?

Which might (sometimes) make you feel a tiny bit like a fraud when folks shower you with compliments for what feels to you like “nothing.”

Well. Your genius is definitely not “nothing.”

And your genius is only available to you because you have done (and are continuing to do) the inner and outer work necessary to keep your access channel open.

Because if the access channel to your inspiration / ideas / creative juice is closed – if your confidence is low, if you are disconnected from the moment, if you are second-guessing your instincts, etc. – then effortless creation cannot occur.

So remember, when you receive a compliment, you are being praised not only for your creation (or performance or idea or guidance) but also for the dedication that it takes for you to keep your “genius door” open.

That’s what takes work.

(You are worthy of all those compliments. Welcome each one with a smile and a simple, sincere “thank you.”)