A few additional thoughts:

This might be a bit graphic…

…but does your window of opportunity sometimes seem like guillotine about to slam shut and execute your dreams?


That sounds painful, but I get it.

I also REFUSE to believe it!

Admittedly, for a few folks, the specter of a huge, looming deadline is genuinely motivating.

But I’ve found that for the majority of people (myself included), the perspective that one’s window of opportunity is closing sucks the hope right out of us.

Which is why I strongly suggest that you redefine your goals in ways that enable you to embrace the idea that your window of opportunity for achieving them is wide open.



Focus on creating the texture of the life you want rather than on achieving a list of narrowly defined, time-sensitive results.

Focus on how you want to feel as you live each day rather than on what it might feel like to finally grasp the brass ring.

Focus on how inspiring you can be as you go for it rather than on how impressive you might be if you get it.

Shifting your focus and perspective in this way generates the space, energy, and trust that must exist within you for any dream to come true.