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This program is for you if…

You have a deep desire for all aspects of your life and your career to feel unified, satisfying, and fruitful…

…and you want to have someone on your team who can contribute keen guidance and substantial support as you let go of the old and bring in the new.

The details:

Hello, You.

The fact that you are even poking around this particular page speaks volumes about who you are and what you are up to in this world.

And it seems that you have started to wonder what it might be like to get detailed, personalized, encouraging, effective guidance tailored specifically for you, your circumstances, and your goals.

(Hint: It will be pretty damn groovy.)

Because when you become one of of my Leap Year Private Clients, I become a member of your team.

We do what needs to be done to get you aligned with and headed towards where you want to go. We talk when we need to talk and strategize when we need to strategize. The program is completely personalized to offer you the most meaningful and useful support that I possibly can.

That said, you don’t need this coaching program. (No one needs coaching; it’s simply an optional accelerant that you can add to your life and career.)

But, if you are someone who wants coaching – because you suspect that the tools you will learn will make a significant, positive impact on your ability to maximize and enjoy the next 12 months (and beyond) – then spending a year with me may be a terrific investment of your time, energy and money.

And let’s be clear up front: this isn’t about you having a “perfect” year. It’s about you taking a leap.

Life will continue to happen around you.

We want it to, actually, because I can be especially valuable to you when your plan hits the fan.

(An important part of this experience will be learning how to recover and recalibrate throughout the ups and downs.)

It will also be helpful to have a support system in place when that initial burst of “I’m-starting-something-new” enthusiasm wears off.

(Another part of this experience will be learning how to keep your eye on the prize for an extended period of time without burning yourself out.)

I’m talking right now to the half of you that wants to take a leap.

And, believe me, I’m very aware that there’s the other half of you that’s probably arguing pretty convincingly that a years-worth of guidance is an unnecessary expense and you can make do without it  and WHAT IF IT DOESN’T “WORK” ?!?

Even to this day, every single time I consider making a significant investment in my personal and/or business expansion, my two halves stage a major debate. Major. And what makes it so difficult is that…

…each side has my best intentions at heart.

One half is doing its best to encourage me to bet on myself, while the other half is making a sincere effort to protect me from risking my resources on something with no guarantee.

At this moment – and, should we end up working together, all throughout our year – I am supporting that half of you that wants you to bet on yourself.

Because betting on yourself is the only way up the spiral of growth.

Yet… can’t you stay put, continue exactly as you are and experience more success? Yes, you totally can – after all, you are already a smart, capable, talented professional.

But I’m not invested in you having additional intermittent successes at your current level.

I’m invested in you expanding into your full potential and creating the texture of the life you truly desire.

And I’m interested in teaching you new ways of leading YOU.

If you’re feeling a blend of fear and excitement right now, that’s because this whole Leap Year opportunity has brought you to the edge of your comfort zone (thus the slight discomfort). You don’t have to leap… but, anyone who does leap, leaps from that edge…

…so you are definitely in the right place.

And what if – what if – it’s also the right time?

(I trust that you will let me know if it is.)

Click on the photos below to hear from Leap Year private clients about their experience:

click to read more about these client transformations

Your Leap Year is a process, not an instruction manual.

How do you

…make room in your life for what you want?
…plug your mental energy leaks?
…achieve maximum results with the lest amount of effort?
…filter requests and opportunities that come your way?
…say “no” to people… or start or end a relationship with someone?
…stay focused and eliminate “busy work?”
…keep your spirits up when circumstances are especially challenging?
create the texture of the life you truly desire?

Your Leap Year is a program that offers you new approaches to planning, problem solving, and decision making – leaving you better equipped to handle whatever life brings.

Your Leap Year is a program that offers you new perspectives on your mindset, energy management, and relationships – leaving you better able to trust that your dreams are meant to be.

And precisely because we have the space of an entire year in which to introduce and integrate these new approaches and perspectives into your life, there is a greater chance they will last for a lifetime.

The entire depth and breadth of my knowledge base and skill set is available to you.

For example, during their Leap Years, clients and I have completed such projects as:

restructuring existing businesses
crafting potent written and verbal communication
planning and prioritizing during “crunch weeks”
creating new side businesses
re-branding and re-designing websites
hiring, training, and delegating to assistants
negotiating and mediating between partners
organizing home offices
deciding amidst multiple offers

For example

During their Leap Years, clients have:

entered advanced degree programs
changed jobs
changed careers
increased their income
mended relationships
moved and/or purchased new homes
gotten married
won awards
published books
signed deals that took them to a new level
written and performed new, original work
restructured their businesses
started new businesses
had babies

For example

…and celebrated (and sometimes endured) other momentous milestones all while continuing to move in the direction of their dreams.

  The Your Leap Year Program lasts for 12 months (365 days).

  The Your Leap Year Program is completely personalized and customized depending on the needs of each client.

  We will likely begin with 2 pre-scheduled sessions in the first 30 days (2 hours each).  After that, we will have, at the very least, one 2-hour session per month – but you are welcome and encouraged to schedule additional time with me throughout the year as needed.  Our sessions throughout the year may vary in length depending on your current focus, issues, and questions.

  You’ll have priority scheduling and direct phone and email access to me throughout the Program for updates, brief exchanges, focused coaching, and quick questions.

You’ll receive downloadable mp3 recordings of all of our sessions.

Our monthly sessions will be scheduled on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, but additional sessions can be scheduled outside of my regular client hours.

Our meetings can be in person (in Glendale, CA) or via phone or Skype.  I’m comfortable with whichever mode you choose.

(Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is less than 10 miles from my office and can accommodate clients flying in by commercial or private airline. The Glendale Amtrack train station is 2 miles from my office.)

In addition to your sessions with me, you can choose to have an optional 60 minute session with intuitive coach, Dana Middleton.

If you and Dana meet at some point during the 365 days of your Leap Year, I will cover the cost of your session with her.

Dana Middleton

Why am I including a session with Dana in the Leap Year Program?

Well, when you want to shift to your next level of success, putting a strategic plan in place is hugely, undoubtedly helpful.  Yet even the best plans can be sabotaged by old, unconscious inner voices / patterns / blocks (deeply-buried knots that we are unable to discover and dissolve on our own).

Dana is masterful at excavating and examining these types of unconscious knots.  If you choose to have a session with her, it will be completely confidential between the two of you.  (Dana and I do not discuss the content of our clients’ sessions with one another.)  I truly believe that absorbing her input during our time together will provide you with a richer experience.

I personally worked with Dana for six months (to untie some of my own knottiest old knots). Those sessions were life-changing.

After experiencing her work myself, I knew that her skill set and personality were uniquely suited to help my most high-functioning friends, colleagues, and clients.

(Dana is not a therapist – although the results of working with her can match therapy.  I believe your session with her will complement any work you may be currently doing with a therapist or other practitioner.  Understandings will come to light with Dana that you can then bring to your therapist for further examination.)


You may pay by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

A payment plan can be arranged.

Payments are not refundable.

Question: Can my life / project / business partner share the Leap Year Program with me?


Question: What if something completely disrupts my schedule for a prolonged time during the Year?


Question: What’s the difference between participating in the Your Leap Year Program VS. scheduling private Clarity Sessions each month for a year?


Question: What happens at the end of our year together?


Your next step:

New Clients: our work together begins with a Clarity Session.

(NOTE: If, within 30 days after the conclusion of your Clarity Session, you decide that you’d like to begin the Your Leap Year Private Program, and if I have space available to take you on, we can apply your payment for the Clarity Session towards the cost of the Leap Year Private Program.)

Returning Clients: If you are interested in becoming a Your Leap Year Private Client (or have any questions about this program), contact me and we’ll schedule a time to chat.