A few additional thoughts:

Ah, change…

…sometimes it takes us by surprise, while other times it unfolds oh. so. very. sloooooowly.

Slow change can be frustrating even when we are able to clearly see the path ahead of us.

But what about those times when you totally sense big change is comin’ but you have no idea what it “looks like” or what you can do to prepare for it or help it along?

I call those periods “the Fog.”

The only reason I know the Fog exists is because I have been through these confounding periods several times in my life – and each time was a very similar experience.

And let me tell ya, the Fog can hit smart, capable people (like you and me) hard, making us restless and a bit freaked out.

How dare you take my ability to plan and prepare away from me! LOL

The downside is that, once you’re in it, there is nothing much you can actively do about it.

Ahh, but the upside is that it provides a valuable opportunity to trust and practice how to simply be.