A few additional thoughts:

So, wadda ya do…

…when you don’t know What to do?

That’s right, we’re talking about those times when “the Fog” has descended over your life, and your path – or even just your next step – is completely unclear.

What in the world do you DO during those uncomfortable days, weeks, months?

There are two parts to the functioning of your life and career: the What you are doing and the How you are doing it.

When the What is momentarily unclear, then turn your attention to refreshing or restructuring your Hows:

:: remove what’s stale
:: tweak what’s frustrating
:: delete what’s unnecessary

:: organize your closet
:: fix your lamp
:: weed your database (or garden!)

Rather than expending precious energy resisting “the Fog,” welcome it as a gift of time to strengthen your foundation before you head off on your next adventure.