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Click on the image at the left (or here) to download your PDF copy of the Weekly Planning Chart.

Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, print out a blank copy to have with you as you watch the video below.

(right-click the link – or use option key + mouse click – to download to your computer) If you have difficulty downloading, try switching browsers – from the one you are using to Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

A planning chart is a very useful tool.

(Except for when you don’t have a plan.)

I specialize in designing clear, effective plans of action.  I’m also an excellent sounding board for when you’re in a “foggy patch” and aren’t certain where to take the next step.  And I excel at helping you weigh the options when you have a plethora of possibilities to choose from.  Is your gut saying that it’s time to book a Clarity Session with me?

Clarity Session Kristine Oller