A few additional thoughts:

In the beginning…

…it can look ugly.

(Soooo very ugly.)

Your first few talks.
Your first few videos.
Your first few designs.
Your first few drafts.

Your first few anythings can be ever so difficult for you to look at without cringing.

(And it’s even more fun when those anythings are public.)

Yet, if you desire to achieve excellence or mastery or expertise (or admiration) – this is the question you must answer:

Are you willing to experience the often uncomfortable feelings and feedback that come with your attempts to excel at something?

(a.k.a. “the Ugly”)

(a.k.a. “your magnificent, gorgeous, gave-it-your-all-yet-missed-the-mark attempts that disappoint you”)

Yes, you do want to be discerning – I’m not encouraging you to share your work prematurely…

…but I’m also not encouraging you to hide your work until it’s “perfectly perfect.” (Which you and I both know is unattainable. Which makes it an excuse.)

What I am encouraging you to do is to courageously live through the discomfort of not being “great” (or sometimes even “good”) right out of the gate.

Cuz you probably won’t be.

(I certainly wasn’t. And, whenever I’m expanding into new territory, I’m certainly not.)

But don’t let knowing that the Ugly awaits stop you.

The Ugly is an unavoidable trial by fire… but one that helps forge your brilliance.