A few additional thoughts:

If you are going to try…

…then try ALL of the angles.

Turn over all of the stones.

Throw every hat you have into that ring!

As Brené Brown suggests: If you are going to dare, dare greatly.


Because, ironically, exhausting every angle, every contact, and every avenue available to you is how you buffer yourself against the pain that comes should you end up not getting what you heart desires.

In my line of work, I see a lot of folks reaching towards goals…

…trying to get a job.
…trying to get seen for a role.
…trying to sell their product.

And I get bummed watching them try once or twice – or try only one or two things.

I know that they genuinely want what they are trying to get.

I also know that they have never yet in their life challenged themselves enough to experience the vast emotional distance between “I tried and didn’t get it” and “I tried everything I could think of and didn’t get it.”

“I tried” may lead to a victory…

…but “I tried everything I could think of” is a victory in and of itself.