A few additional thoughts:

You can grow…

…and then plateau.

As a verb, “to plateau” means:

“to reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress.”

As a noun, “plateau” can be used in a sentence as such:



Finding yourself stuck on a plateau longer than you’d like doesn’t necessarily indicate that you are not taking any action.

Lots of folks are taking action yet finding themselves unable to shift up to their next level.

That’s because the action they are taking is basically “more of the same.” More of what helped them make their last shift.

Which seems perfectly logical! You do some deep work to untie some old knots and those inner shifts help you advance. So, you figure, MORE deep work will result in MORE advancement.

(It’s true that more inner work will help you advance – just not right now.)

Now you likely need to focus on making some exterior shifts to bring your outside self (or environment) into alignment with your new, more refined inner self.

Because without that alignment, shifting up and off of a plateau is very, very difficult.

Once you make those exterior shifts – getting a new wardrobe, or organizing your home, getting your finances in order, or creating a new product – you will shift up to your next level…

…and only then is it time to do additional inner work to bring how you think and feel into alignment with all of the outer evidence of your new level of success.

Shifting to your next level definitely requires taking action… but it has to be the right type of action.

Follow the flow of the natural cycle: inner growth leads to outer growth, which leads to more inner growth… onward and upward.