A few additional thoughts:

So, tell me…

…how tight is the grip that you have on your life?

Now, be careful in answering that, because a tight grip doesn’t always look like a firm, capable, buttoned-up, “you-better-stand-back-cuz-I-got-this” grip.

You can be strangling the life out of your life with a ceaseless swirl of chaos / drama / risk / impulsiveness that seems to others to be very out-of-control, but is, in fact, your version of control.

Because control isn’t about perfection.

Control is ultimately about comfort and (a false sense of) security.

When we believe that events or people are threatening our desires and dreams, we often tighten our grip regarding “how things should be” and hunker down in our comfort zone.

The problem with this strategy is that we can’t reach our dreams from inside our comfort zones.

The other problem is that trying to control the external factors in our life uses up a LOT of energy.

And yet another problem is that the feeling of “security” we are trying to generate through external machinations is actually something that can only be generated internally.

Ironically – and ever so frustratingly! – this internal sense of security is cultivated by learning how to surrender your grip on the steering wheel of your life.

Way, way, WAY easier said than done?  Oh, for sure.

This has been a long learning curve in my own life and one I have certainly not mastered.

That said, surrendering this illusion of control is something I continue to attend to and refine because I know that doing so will help me reach my own next levels of success.