A few additional thoughts:

I love structure…

…and I love ice cream.

(Both can make your day so much better!)

But both become far less enjoyable when accompanied by sprinkles of reprimands or guilt.

Keep reminding yourself: plans and structure are only tools.

They will never enable you to control or dictate what life brings (in the next month, in the next day, in the next minute).

Life – glorious, confounding life – is fluid.

And sometimes it can flood in and completely wash your carefully crafted schedule away.

Guess what?

That’s not your fault and it happens to everyone. 

(Over and over and over. Especially when you are a self-propelled creative artist! What two days are ever alike?)

However, that’s NOT a reason to abandon structure.

But it IS a reason to stop beating yourself up each time you stray off course.

Plans and structure will keep you flowing in the right direction when the waters of your life are calm…

…and, after each flood, there they will be, waiting for you to climb on board once more.