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Throughout my many years as a change strategist, I’ve watched my clients make a lot of significant shifts.

Some changes do happen in an instant, which can be amazing.  And sure, 20-minutes of “laser coaching” can sometimes spark a great idea or resolve a specific, pressing issue.

But I don’t offer my services in bits and pieces and fits and starts.

That’s because my interest – and the interest of those who choose to work with me – is transformation.

Transformation is not a result of getting excellent guidance, it is a result of applying excellent guidance.

Thanks to the internet, finding excellent guidance and consuming it by the bucketload is easy.

Application of that guidance, however, requires time and focus.

(It also, very often, requires help due to the inner and outer knots that need untying along the way.)

I am in the application business.

I am also in the depth and results business.

Which is why my sessions with clients last a little longer than those of most other practitioners, and why my working relationships with clients last longer as well.  As do the outcomes we achieve.

Endlessly gathering guidance results in…

…too many half-finished programs and projects
…too much energy wasted “mentally treading water”
…too much time spent reinventing your wheel
…your enthusiasm being boosted, then squelched
…your attention being pulled toward what you seem to lack
…your income languishing on a plateau


Applying what you know results in…

…inner growth
…outer growth
…faster growth
…increased confidence in your decision making process
…increased ability to deftly shift gears
…increased income and impact in the world

Our work together will be about strategically planning your current year so that it generates momentum, lifts you to the next level, and gives you a platform on which to build and leverage your next year (and the next).

Our work together will be about thoughtfully simplifying and unifying your life so that each aspect supports the others and all aspects clearly contribute to a focus that is moving you in the direction you want to go.

Our work together will offer you new approaches to planning, problem solving, and decision making – leaving you better equipped to handle whatever life brings.

Our work together will offer you new perspectives on your mindset, energy management, and relationships – leaving you better able to trust that your dreams are meant to be.

And precisely because we will have the necessary space in which to introduce and integrate these new approaches and perspectives into your life, there is a greater chance they will last for a lifetime.

Know that it is absolutely fine if this is not what you are looking for… or if you are not quite ready… or if you feel we are not a good match.   Each of those criteria is essential for this to be a fun and fruitful partnership for both of us.

(If you would like to test-drive my guidance for free and get a feel for my personality and approach, go here.)

If what I’m describing is
resonating in your gut, this is how we begin:

two hour strategic coaching

All of my new clients start with a Clarity Session.  This is a powerful, private, 2-hour conversation where all of my coaching and strategy skills are at your service and directed towards any topic or area you would like to focus on.

Whether you know exactly what you want to achieve, or you aren’t certain which path to take, this discussion will undoubtedly prove to be valuable and beneficial – even if it’s the first and last interaction we ever have.

We will examine your life and goals from a big-picture perspective and dive into some details so that you leave with insights, action steps, and resource recommendations.  I will also send you a recording of the session.

And, if during the session, you come to the realization that you are simply “in the wrong room with the wrong person” I will gladly refund your money.  Engaging with a new guide always requires a leap of faith – I want to acknowledge that reality by minimizing your financial risk.

learn more about the clarity session

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I look forward to contributing to your continued success.

Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you.