Spin Cycle 2017-11-14T22:04:08+00:00

The spin cycle. Familiar territory?

You’re in the spin cycle when you know that you want to (or have to) make some changes… but, right now, the only thing moving is the relentless swirl of your concerns, fears, and hopes sloshing through your mind (along with all of the how-to, 10-steps, genuinely-good-for-you info that you’ve likely consumed in your efforts to figure your way out of this murky moment in your life.)

As you spin – during each day, during each night (during each stop at each traffic light) – my guess is you can feel yourself hemorrhaging energy.

Some other feelings you might be feeling: trapped, ground down, adrift, overwhelmed… but maybe there’s also some nervous excitement, some pulsing desire, and some impatience about getting this next chapter of your life started already (which you would do if you only had some clarity around the best next step to take… and some courage to take it.)

This spin cycle has probably prompted you to have conversations with your smartest, most compassionate friends.


You’ve talked and they’ve listened. You’ve talked and they’ve offered advice. You’ve talked and they’ve thrown you a personal pep rally (or two). Together, you’ve been spinning through your cycle, over and over and over and over.

(But at least you’ve been reaching out which is always a great thing to do when you feel stuck.)

And now, you have found your way here.

And, naturally, you might be wondering: “How is having yet another conversation going to move the needle in any way?”

Well, for one thing, this next conversation will be with me.

I will hear your story and connect your dots in a very different wayalso with the intelligence and compassion your friends provide, but adding objectivity, discernment, experience, and a massive toolkit (of helpful tactics, approaches, and strategies).

I have developed an exceptional depth and breadth of skills and insights during 20+ years of listening to, guiding, and supporting hundreds of individuals through making significant shifts within the complex circumstances of their personal and professional lives.

Which means our conversation will be one that ends with you gaining some much-needed clarity – which will feel like sipping a tall, cool glass of relief.

Clarity slows your spin cycle waaaay down.


Because having a clear, effective plan of action exerts a kind of gravitational pull over your thoughts.

Rather than spinning around and colliding with one another, your thoughts will begin to coalesce around your plan… and, as your thoughts are pulled into alignment, you’ll become more inspired to take action and you’ll begin to feel more powerful, purposeful, and peaceful than you have in a good long while.

The torture and tumult of the spin cycle is usually your soul’s way of poking you to say:

it’s time