A few additional thoughts:

What if…

…Michelangelo had to answer emails?

I wonder if his phone would even get reception while up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Well, it doesn’t matter because he probably wouldn’t have answered it.

(Even with his patrons getting majorly cranky when their calls did not get returned!)

But what is an artist to do?

Masterpieces aren’t created while multi-tasking.

Now, is everything you work on a “masterpiece”? No, of course not.

Every once in a while, though, a project will come along that requires you to dive deep into creator mode.

And when you do, know that things in your life are gonna get a bit messier than you are probably comfortable with.

And also know that THAT’S OKAY.

But even though it’s “okay,” this discomfort around not being able to keep all of their other plates spinning while they create is what prompts some folks to shortchange their projects – to give far less than their very best.

Please find a way past that discomfort.

Let folks know you are “going under” but will resurface soon.

Find a way to reassemble your shredded to-do list once your project is done.


Yes, creation is sometimes messy and often inconvenient.

But usually worth it, don’t you think?