A few additional thoughts:

When I meet with a new client…

…one of the first things I do is look for the ways they are leaking (or hemorrhaging) their energy.

Then we start plugging those leaks.

(Then we channel that energy towards their dreams – YAY!)

If they are coming to me a bit burnt out, it’s usually because they have at least one of these 3 holes in their energy tank:

:: They are draining their energy by trying to be their own source of support.

:: They are draining their energy by trying to be their own source of accountability.

:: They are draining their energy by trying to be their own source of inspiration.


We humans are not self-sufficient beings – we aren’t designed to be.

We are designed to be inter-dependent.

We need to receive support, accountability, and inspiration from sources outside of ourselves because trying to self-generate those elements uses up a huge amount of the energy we’d otherwise put towards the actual creating and building that we are being called to do.

Accountability = a person or people you trust who challenge your limits (and kick your butt when you need it).

Support = Folks who enthusiastically and generously cheer you on, celebrate your victories, and offer quality guidance.

Inspiration = examples of accomplishment and amazement that renew your spirit by reminding you of what is possible in this amazing world.

Trying to fill your tank by kicking your own butt, high-fiving yourself, and dazzling yourself with your own efforts is unsustainable and, thus, will lead you to total energy depletion (a.k.a. burnout).

Plug any energy leaks you have by finding a community (or a collection of sources) that will regularly replenish the energy that you are expending as you shift to your next level of success.