A few additional thoughts:

I know you might think…

…that what I’m suggesting here is impossible.

For you.

With your schedule.

With your kids and your to-do list and your commitments and your need to pay the rent.

But if you are able to make THIS possible, then you will be able to make bigger shifts in your life and career possible too.

(And if you can’t do 24 hours, start with 12 – or even 6. As long as they are alllll yours and agenda-free.)

Fair warning: your first personal day might not be 100% blissful.

Mine was not. I struggled with giving myself such a (seemingly) huge and (seemingly) selfish break.

But I tried another one. And another one.

(Taking personal days got easier for me, they eventually get easier for my clients – and they will get easier for you, too.)

In order to creatively “do” at higher and higher levels, you must allow yourself to “be” for longer periods of time than you are giving yourself permission for right now.