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Giving yourself the opportunity to step out of the daily details of your life and explore your options and opportunities from the big-picture perspective is a key element to sustaining your success.

You can use these individual private sessions in whatever way best supports your goals.  We can: brainstorm, make plans of action for an upcoming year or quarter, remove obstacles from your path, organize projects, evaluate choices, expand on ideas – etc.

You bring the complexity, I’ll provide the clarity.



Receiving strategy, support, and accountability during a specific stretch of time (or for a particular project or through a particular challenge) will enable you to replace overwhelm, over-efforting, and over-thinking with increased focus, function, and flow.

This three month package not only gives us time to plan, but also time to execute, evaluate, and make adjustments to those plans.

With my fresh set of wise eyes looking over your shoulder, progress, enjoyment, and satisfaction are inevitable.



When you become one of my select Leap Year Private Clients, I become a member of your team.  You have full access to me whenever you need it for an entire year.

Having someone you trust who is following and fostering the arc of your inner and outer growth over a significant amount of time is a unique and expansive experience.

Ultimately, though, this year is about you learning how to lead YOU.