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Here’s how we can work together in depth:

two options


two hour strategic coaching

Giving yourself regular opportunities to step back and assess how things are going from the big-picture perspective will be a key element to sustaining your success.

You can use these individual private sessions in whatever way best supports your goals: as monthly check-ins, quarterly powwows, year-end planning sessions, or as “deadlines” for projects.

All new clients begin with a Clarity Session.



Your Leap Year 12 month coaching program Krsitine Oller

When you become one of my select Leap Year Private Clients, I become a member of your team.  You have full access to me whenever you need it for an entire year.  I can strategize with you on a granular level and provide accountability as you make bigger, bolder moves.

Having someone you trust who is following and fostering the arc of your inner and outer growth over a significant amount of time is a unique and expansive experience.

Ultimately, though, this year is about you learning how to lead YOU.