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Praise for Your Little Side Biz:

Filmmaker Jonathan Whittle-Utter shares how putting the Your Little Side Biz training into action changed his circumstances completely:

“I now easily earn in a day what I used to earn in a week.”

Actress Liz Femi Wilson shares how she ditched all of her other day jobs because of Your Little Side Biz:

“My energy levels, my happiness – everything – have just increased dramatically in ways I never could have imaged before.”

“While my existing clients were thrilled about my coaching, I was finding it difficult to pitch my product to new people in a way that would get them into the ‘buy now’ or ‘definitely put me on your mailing list’ categories. Between a full-time job, a relationship, and acting, I didn’t have a ton of time for trial-and-error or to do my own research about marketing and closing sales, so I wanted to learn about this from someone who succeeded in building her own business and who could package the “need-to-know” in digestible chunks that I could then run with. Also, I’ve always admired how Kristine marketed her own services in a non-intrusive way that seemed to speak to my individual needs, and I wanted to learn more about how she does that. I signed up for Your Little Side Biz because I knew I needed help defining the “sizzle” in a way that I could implement immediately.

I got a ton of practical advice, especially about advertising vs. marketing, as well as how to reframe my approach to self-promoting – and about how to find my niche by tapping into my existing strengths, where I am NOW, rather than trying to stretch and become everything to everyone. She gave us great information about pricing and how to offer specials and packages without devaluing my product and over-working myself, so that I would still have energy to pursue my passions.

Furthermore, during our HotSeat coaching session, Kristine was able to nail down a highly relevant sizzle that opened my target market up by at least 400%. I was also very encouraged by hearing directly from other entrepreneurs, about their offerings, how they got started, and how they defined their business relationships to allow them flexibility for acting. I’ve always found Kristine’s offerings to be super-relevant, and a bargain for the amount of information she dishes out. I got the email at the right time and jumped on it. Life unfolded so that I am currently able to pursue my acting without needing to start my little side business. But should my situation ever change, I have a lot more confidence and a lot less hesitation about how to build that business.”

Jennifer Huang

“Initially I was concerned that the info in Your Little Side Biz wouldn’t apply to me because I already had an existing small business and I wondered if the course would be geared towards those who were looking for a small business they could start. At the time, I wanted to bump up my business and to get more out of my time by bringing on some employees / independent contractors. I was hoping I would get insight, inspiration, and courage to take my business to the next level.

My expectations were more than met – I was able to talk out my stumbling points (areas that were holding me back), and identify exactly what was keeping me stuck. It turns out, it was mostly the fear of what my current clients would think and of how I would be perceived by those whose business I already had.

I am now about to begin maternity leave and I have 3 independent contractors who will be working for me while I am away. Because of this step, my business will continue to exist even when I am not working. This was my goal. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in developing a small side biz, or in taking their current side business to the next level.”

Jenny Eakes

“The reason that Kristine’s course was right for me is that she teaches real business principles, and yet sets them up specifically for the actor or artist who is looking for a side business. I read entrepreneurial blogs sometimes, but I’ve never been tempted to buy any of the products on the market because I feel like they are going to be about building an empire and that is really not what I am looking for.

Kristine completely gets that this is one small part of your multi-faceted life. She pushed us all to move out of our comfort zones, and yet if anything, surprised us by how small a number of hours she wanted us to be devoting to our side business a month. I found her guidance and support so helpful, but the fact that she understood what place this business has in my life was really what made the class such a perfect fit.”

Sarah Sido

“I simply wanted some new tools to ramp up the business ideas I had… and I wanted some strategies on how to make them stronger businesses. The rate that you offered it at was very attractive and just knowing that it was you offering it, there was no question in my mind because you know your stuff. And I walked away with a ton of ideas and I felt like I hit the jackpot when I got a HotSeat with you. Pretty much every point you made and how YLSB was structured was very clear and outlined well.”

Allegra Stein

“As an organizer I’m often asked for resources. Whenever someone tells me they’re thinking about starting their own business, of any kind, I tell them Kristine Oller’s Your Little Side Biz is a MUST! Imagine attending amazing seminars on marketing, motivation and client relations in one easy-to-use audio format that you can listen to over-and-over and truly get your money’s worth.

Having this information to put you on the right track from the get-go is amazing, but YLSB is not only for business newbies. Even people who have been in business for a while are sure to be able to get useful info. I would highly recommend anyone to get Kristine’s YLSB course if they want to improve their side businesses, or heck, even their full-time business.”

Kimshelley Lessard

“I decided to take Your Little Side Biz because I was tired of working for corporate businesses. My survival job was taking most of my time away from my acting career. I was working long hours, being underappreciated and undercompensated. I was hoping to learn of a way for me to have a job that would allow me to make a decent amount per hour for what I can offer. I wanted to learn how I can build my own business and be my own boss where I can make my own schedule so I can attend every audition I get! I wasn’t sure what Kristine was going to teach that could not be found in a major business book, but for the price point, I figured that I had nothing to lose.

I was very pleased at how simple Kristine made the whole concept of creating YLSB. I gained the tools to make my own business that were very applicable and easy to understand. Lots of golden nuggets! And I really enjoyed being in the hot seat!

Thanks, Kristine for all your help and insight and for creating a simple strategy to getting out of that dead end job! I started my own personal styling business where I am able to create my own schedule and make an income per hour that is proportionate to my talent – an income that is quadruple what I was making at my corporate day job. Best of all, I am doing something that I enjoy doing and am having so much fun helping my clients with their wardrobes. I have less stress, more money, and more freedom to pursue my acting career. Is that a win? I say YES!”

Alicia Ying

“Kristine Oller is nothing short of amazing – I believe she can help anyone build a profitable side biz. For such a small investment you have the potential of doubling or tripling your income. And there’s no reason to worry about buying this course and not being able to find clients because she provides numerous ways to not only find clients easily but find your ideal client.

No matter where you’re at – no business idea, or with a business idea but not knowing where to begin, or having a biz but wanting to take it to the next level, or even having a profitable side biz that’s taking over your life & needing to scale down – YLSB meets you where you are and takes you to where you want to go.”

Tara Christopher

“I decided to take the course because I had planted the seeds of a side business but I felt lost. I had a service and some clients but I didn’t know how I can grow what I started. I needed guidance and information on how to identify my ideal client, how to market and structure my price points. I hoped to learn how to best communicate the services I’m offering to potential clients and what should I best focus my time and energy on to get maximum results.

Your Little Side Biz totally met my expectations. My big take-away was that this is a side business and it only needs to grow as big as I need it to be. The purpose of this business is to generate income so I can continue to focus on my passion. This doesn’t need to take over my life and I’m in control of how big it grows.

In the past few months, I have returned to the YLSB recordings during different stages of my business’s growth and I always take away something www. When I first listened to the recordings, I learned how to identify my ideal client and design my marketing towards getting that client. I recently reviewed my notes and listened to the recordings again to inspire new marketing ideas and price points. This course is an invaluable resource that you can continue to gain from during different points of your business journey!”

Laura Mannino

“I was very intrigued as the “word on the street” about Kristine is that she has a fabulous way of not only communicating the oodles of knowledge in her head, but also effectively laying it out in a manner that keeps people motivated to move forward.

I viewed the course as a cost-effective way to check out her teaching style. I was hoping to flesh-out some tips, tricks, or ideas that would help me build upon my current marketing strategies to enhance them and therefore grow my business. She definitely met the expectations that I had. I especially liked how she pulled real-life examples into the course and brainstormed with people in order to really get the ball moving. I’ll be back to work with her further!”

Kelly Klemolin

Praise for Feeding Your Focus:

Voice over actress Roxanne Hernandez shares why this audiobook is a must-have for all self-employed creatives:

“I wish this book would have been written years ago – I could have gotten a lot farther in a lot less time.”

“You rock lady! Your book has just absolutely beat me between the eyes several times and turned my world upside down – in the best possible way.”

Bob Souer

“It became a fight with my experiences to give this audiobook a chance – my impulse being to brush it off as just another hymnal of cliched “Duh” wisdoms. She’s going to tell me how to be creative AND organized? Can you be both? But this book really does have merit. I found her offering mind-opening realizations about my life that I should have thought of on my own… but didn’t. She really knows the problems of a disorganized, driven professional. She really knows good networking techniques. Kristine Oller will inspire you to direct your energy towards those things which give life to your future.”

Chad Pierce

“You’re seriously my hero. I re-listened to your audiobook again, and I took so much NEW stuff out of it! It’s really helped me so much this year, particularly this month. I finally feel focused (which has always been my problem! lol!) and driven and invigorated to get out there and make it happen! A sincere THANK YOU for all of your help, Kristine!”

Lissette Schuster

“The bottom line is, without Kristine Oller my home office would never have gotten REALLY organized. I bought her book, listened to the CD’s and learned a PROCESS to purge and organize my “stuff”. In just one weekend I had given my place a complete makeover. For the price of an acting class (or a few tanks of gas) I now have an organized and functional home office, and more importantly, a system in place to maintain it!”

Thomas Mann

“Kristine Oller has written a gem. Feeding Your Focus gives you tools you can and will use to change your thinking and organize each part of your professional life. More than just a beautifully written and well-produced book is included in this CD package; inside is Kristine’s heart and soul. I found myself laughing out loud at some points, especially those that seems as though she had written them with me personally in mind. Her voice and message convey warmth and a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional in a creative field, such as voice acting. I loved this book and I have already begun implementing many of the steps Kristine outlines. This book is what I needed to propel my career forward and assist me in achieving my dreams.”

Elisa Weller

“O.K. This is insane. Kristine is giving you way too much stuff for whatever she’s charging. This isn’t one great information package, it’s 4 great packages in one. Kristine exceeds the ‘useful information baseline’ in organizing your finances, getting your home office in ship shape, and even how to take complete and full advantage of all those parties you go to where you wish you could network better. It’s insane because any one of these 4 sections could easily stand on their own and be worth more than what you’ll pay for the whole shebang. Run, don’t walk, to get this.”

David H. Lawrence

“You are helping me through a huge transition in my life, so thank you. You took my organizing to a whole different level. I’m usually really good at it but the benefit of having someone with your experience guide me through makes things so much easier and dynamic – with both of us working on the project at the same time (you on the CDs!), it’s so much fun. My desk is amazing and the paper flow system is right on time! I love looking at my empty or almost empty ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ paper bins – it’s a high. Your CD series is excellent and I have been recommending it to others.”

China Brooks

“I have begun listening to Feeding Your Focus and WOW – I have to say, this book is incredible! Kristine is truly gifted and, at the price, this product is a STEAL. I think this may be the single greatest product I have ever seen for talent. She does a terrific job of teaching you how to run your business. If you’ve ever walked into your voice over office and asked yourself, “Now what do I do?” this is the product for you.”

Julie Williams

“Kristine has a straightforward, practical, and, most importantly, ATTAINABLE approach to organization – for my desk, for my home, and for my brain. It’s amazing how once I had applied just a few steps from her book it felt like a weight had lifted. I was making room for even better things! Kristine helped me use what I already had around in much more effective ways. And MY work is now working for me: what used to be labor has definitely turned to love.”

Roy Samuelson

“I have to admit, I honestly went in with some skepticism of ‘is this really going to do anything for me?’ …but I always come away with new ideas for it. Feeding Your Focus is not a static book – it’s not something that you read and then put away. It’s truly something that you reference and it continues to work long beyond the first time that you hear it. It’s been a wonderful addition to my life.”

Pam Tierney

“This is a wonderful resource filled with smart ideas and concise guidance. You’ve clearly identified the actions we need to take to make well-rounded progress. I’ll be recommending it to my students and network and, of course, implementing a lot of good advice.”

Bryan Bellomo

“This is wonderful information! Feeding Your Focus helps those who may be struggling to get started by explaining the foundations for several areas that are critical to success. I found myself taking copious notes and listened to the CD’s while reading along with the text. This helped reinforce the actions described in the book. After listening to all of the chapters, I feel I am better prepared to pursue my dreams. Several times throughout the book, I was so encouraged that I stopped the CD and began to identify my goals or organize my office!”

Tanya Schoenwolf

“I’d recommend this book for any creative type to help with organizing and building their business and personal focus. Kristine’s references to her own life as an actor helped me relate to her, and her voice over delivery felt personable and sincere – topped with a bit of sass and class.”

Bobbin Beam

“Sometimes I am guilty of spreading myself too thin and having too much on my plate. Like most creative people, I have strengths beyond acting that can often lead me in many different directions. I want to do plays, musicals, feature films, sitcoms, one hour dramas… everything! And I’ve been told that I need to just pick one and focus on THAT. And I haven’t succeeded in doing so because part of me doesn’t want to desert my other talents and interests.

But Kristine said something that really made sense. She basically said that you can keep all your talents and pursue everything you want to pursue as an artist BUT not all at the same time. Choose a focus, make headway in the industry in that specific area (build your machine), and then just maintain the ‘machines’ you build. Then you can move on to another focus/talent area and build more and more machines until you have a city of machines working for you! By following this simple idea, I plan to move my career forward faster and not overwhelm myself by trying to do every project that’s thrown my way.

Also, I feel much less nervous about attending industry events and making connections with people. It’s all about the human connection. Talk to them like they are just people; make a personal connection. Allow them to WANT to talk to you and get to know you better. This totally takes the pressure off!”

Korken Alexander

“When you read something there’s a tendency to scan, but it’s a different experience when you have the material on CDs – you have to actually make time and listen and that’s a good thing. Feeding Your Focus is a constant refresher of what I could be doing. Before I would just kind of drift with the wind, but now I’m more selective and have a plan. I’m still flexible to the possibilities of life but now everything has a way of being evaluated regarding how it feeds my focus. Prior to discovering this book, I was the kind of actor who felt like my career was in the hands of my agents and others people, but now I feel like I’m living a more adult, proactive version of my life – one I knew I had in me, but Kristine helped me activate it.”

Heather Gonzales

“Kristine speaks in a language that takes the clutter in my brain and organizes it. It’s like she took things that I knew – but didn’t know that I knew – and showed me how to utilize them and make my skills and knowledge work for me. I now look at things more realistically and don’t try to shove quite so much onto my plate. I highly recommend this book.”

Rebecca Brunk

“I am on disk 3 and can’t wait to get back into my car to continue listening! I’m overwhelmed (but not surprised) by the talent, wisdom, and power in your audiobook – you sound experienced and hip at the same time. And the breadth of info is provided with humor and compassion, which is so important for us embarrassed clutterbugs. I’ve already had some a-ha moments!”

Nancy Kern