A few additional thoughts:

It is a fascinating experience…

…to sit across the table from a client who does not yet own the full extent of how magnificent they are.

Fascinating because I can see who they are even when they can’t.

And because I know what will become possible for them once they see it too.

Stepping into full ownership of who you are is a life-changer.

It’s also simply a decision… to give yourself the permission to not only let your light shine, but also to notice how, in some particular areas of your life, it casts a truly fabulous glow.

Certifications, awards, degrees, memberships, job titles – none of these will make you feel whole / smart / confident / deserving without you ALSO stepping into ownership of the talents, skills, strengths, experience, and/or knowledge that the piece of paper represents.

The piece of paper doesn’t make you feel empowered – your ownership makes you feel empowered.

The piece of paper is just a symbol that can represent “society” giving you permission to claim full ownership.

I’m merely pointing out that you can give that permission to yourself.

How do you actually become so sure of yourself?

:: When you see proof that you can do something, believe it.

:: When you are repeatedly sought-after for something or complimented about something, have faith in the pattern.

:: When your gut says, “you’ve got this,” trust it.