A few additional thoughts:

Are you exhausted…

…from all your positive thinking?

LOL – I hear ya – constantly trying to make your thoughts “behave” is like trying to herd cats (or unscramble an egg).

Some good news for you:

Thinking a negative thought (even a few negative thoughts every day) won’t hurt you.

Or jinx you.
Or screw with your karma.
Or attract bad things to you.

You can’t help thinking thoughts.

(Like your vital organs, your mind is active 24/7. And your mind loves variety – the good, the bad and the ugly!)

The trouble only starts when you hang on to your negative thoughts and don’t let them pass on through.

It’s your dwelling on (not your thinking of) them which drags your spirit, energy, and mojo down, down, down.

Dwelling on thoughts that make you feel bad (or angry, depressed, jealous, hurt, etc.) is, by far, the largest energy leak that you have (and by “you” I mean “every one of us”).

If you are dedicated to making your dreams come true, then you must also be dedicated to doing the inner growth work necessary to loosen your grip on the thoughts and beliefs that are eating you up or weighing you down.

(Now that’s independence!)