Money Mindset Seminar 2018-01-04T16:54:50+00:00

Having a financial plan is fantastic…

…unless you are (consciously or unconsciously) holding yourself back from actually executing the plan because of the stories you are telling yourself.

During this workshop for the Actors Fund, Miata Edoga and I help folks create some financial plans and bust through some “financial stories.”

There’s a particularly good Golden Nugget at minute 85:32 where I share the two ways we all have to “make” money (and the comment my own coach said to me about my bank balance that kinda blew my mind).

You can download the worksheets and watch the seminar below – enjoy!


Click on the image at the left (or here) to download your PDF copy of the Worksheet Packet.

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NOTE: Start by fast forwarding the video to 1:53 – that’s where the action begins!

Need to make extra money

while your career gets off the ground?

A higher hourly wage. A flexible schedule. Control over your workload. The ability to give yourself a raise. All of those things are possible when you are using your skills and strengths to provide a service that people will pay for. All of those things will help you support yourself as you pursue your art. I had a successful little side biz when I was an actor and, since then, I have taught many creatives how to start (and grow) ones of their own. This audio course can help you generate concepts, clients, and cash.