A few additional thoughts:

In any business…

…you’ll have to make judgment calls.

Some of the stickiest ones are often when you have to make a judgment about a person.

Cuz, you know… who are you to judge?

The distinction lies in whether you are rashly, harshly, and/or hurtfully judging someone, or if you are making a considered, fair, and respectful judgement about someone’s performance within the appropriate context.

You will have to make judgement calls, but you can make every single one of them without judging.

And my true concern is not necessarily about your level of kindness, but much more so, about your level of energy expended.

Being judgmental uses up a lot of your energy, so why bother?

If someone isn’t meeting your expectations or standards (for whatever reason) address the situation – clearly and directly – with professionalism and compassion.

No need to waste any of their energy, and no need to waste any of yours.